Arab Health Conference Brochure 2022

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Empowering you to provide the most current medical care

The 47th edition of Arab Health Congress will offer you the option to learn and network live in-person or connect, learn and interact with your peers from anywhere in the world.

Bringing together influencers from all major medical disciplines, Arab Health Congress will host 4 medical conferences live, in-person and 8 conferences online from 24 January - 10 February 2022. Attend in-person at the Dubai World Trade Centre or from the comfort of your home and office.

CME Conferences 2022

Attend CME conferences both online and in-person to hear from over 300 high-profile speakers from the region and beyond.

Live, in-person conferences:

No live-streaming of the in-person conferences online this year! Meet and network with expert speakers in-person at Arab Health, and experience face-to face learning once again. What’s more, every delegate gets free and exclusive access to CME-accredited hands-on trainings and interactive workshops.
  • 22nd Total Radiology Conference
  • Total Radiology workshops
  • 18th Orthopaedics Conference
  • Orthopaedics workshops
  • 14th Obs & Gyn Conference
  • Obs & Gyne workshops
  • 21st Surgery conference
  • Surgery workshops


Online conferences:

The online experience for healthcare professionals this year will be a unique extension of the Arab Health live in-person conferences – not a duplication of on-site programming – get ready to hear from experts in a highly interactive learning environment.
  • 13th Quality Management in Healthcare Conference
  • Family Medicine Conference
  • ENT Conference
  • 18th Orthopaedics Conference
  • 22nd Total Radiology Conference
  • 14th Obs & Gyn Conference
  • 21st Surgery Conference
  • Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Conference