4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

Live in-person:

29 Jan - 1 Feb 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre

Unrivalled sponsorship opportunities at Arab Health 2023

Arab Health plays a vital role in business development and marketing activities, we provide companies with unique opportunities to showcase products to potential buyers, generate potential leads, drive sales and grow their business.

Our education & networking opportunities are an excellent way for companies to make connections with their target audiences and potential prospects during the show days. Demonstrate your latest products and technologies to your target audience.

Learn the benefits of how education & networking sponsorship
can increase your engagement with leaders of the healthcare industry:

Stand out from the crowd

Conferences attract companies that are active in the industry and open to learning more. These companies mostly send decision-makers who are looking for new ways to improve their business, so standing out from the crowd gives you a significant advantage. Decision-makers also look to those sponsoring and exhibiting first as the “stronger” options in the marketplace.

More productive networking

Get additional recognition, which attracts attendees to open dialogue as your company will be recognized as some of the most active companies. The dedicated workshops will allow you to provide in-depth knowledge, training and demonstrations to end-users of your products. The audience will walk away with real life learnings and will be able to apply them in their everyday practices.

Showcase Your Products & Services

Companies are always innovating, and so your target audience may think they know you if you have been around for a while, but they unlikely
know enough about your latest offerings and this gives you an opportunity to reengage and reintroduce your latest products and services. For new entrants to a marketplace, showcasing what you do at conferences is the fastest way to grow marketshare.

Develop & Strengthen Your Brand

Similarly, by standing out from the crowd you are strengthening your brand visibility, even to those companies that will not do business with you…yet! It can take several years to get on the radar of the largest companies, and your visual branding at conferences goes a long way to speeding up that process.

Reaffirm Confidence Among Existing Clients

Having a continued significant presence at Arab Health year on year, shows your existing customers that your company is strong, reaffirming their confidence in doing business with you. This is also important for national and international clients that do not see you face to face that often. 

Education & Networking opportunities

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