Digital Health and Innovation Conference

24 June 2021 | Live at Dubai World Trade Centre

Theme: "Enhancing the delivery of healthcare"


Digital Health & Innovation Conference

As a new addition to the Arab Health Congress, we are introducing a one-day Digital Health & Innovation Conference to look deeply at how digital health can be used to enhance the delivery of healthcare.   With diverse aims and far-reaching goals, digital health looks to prevent disease, increase efficiency while lowering costs and most importantly, improve patient care.

This conference will be a one stop shop for all your digital health requirements with talks from experts, giving the opportunity to discuss the top trends and how to manage a digital transformation. 

Benefits of attending:

  • Discuss telemedicine and remote monitoring in a post COVID world
  • Learn more about the top trends in healthcare in regards to the transformation of care in a digital world
  • Identify how to best merge technology and health in order to transform health systems
  • Recognise how digital health can be used to enhance the care of the arrhythmia patient

Key topics:

  • Merging technology and health: a transformation programme for health systems
  • Telemedicine and remote monitoring in a post-COVID world
  • Enhancing the patient journey
  • The role of social media in raising health awareness
  • Managing digital transformation in a conservative healthcare sector
  • Top trends in healthcare 2025

Who should attend:

  • Heads of ICT
  • IT Managers and Directors (healthcare
  • Heads of Technology
  • Heads of Department
  • Information Technology - Directors, Managers, Executives
  • Health informatics and health information management
  • eHealth and mHealth - Heads, Managers, Directors
  • Director Digital Transformation Managers
  • Digital Health Specialists
  • Health Tech Entrepreneurs


  • Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy, London, UK
  • Emma Herd, Head of Transformation, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Torquay, UK
  • Dr Robin Ohannessian, Director, Télémédecine 360 (TLM360), Paris, France
  • Dr Khaldoun Tarakji, Electrophysiologist, Associate Section Head, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Digital Health & Innovation Conference brochure

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Online: 23 May - 22 July 2021

Live: 21 - 24 June 2021

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