Digital Marketing

Connecting with your audience at the right place, at the right time

With today’s accessibility to the internet you’ll find that majority of your audience will be online in one way or another. Arab Health capitalizes on this opportunity by providing its customer with access to their target audience across a number of channels using a variety of digital tools.

1 - 4 February 2021

Dubai World Trade Centre

Dedicated eshot

Reach your target audience directly via email.

Create your own eshot and Arab Health will send it on your behalf to a maximum of 15,000 contacts. Limited slots available. Limited to one per company.

$ 15,000

Post show Eshot

Reach your target audience directly via email after the show has finished.

Send a thank you the participants and promote further engagement with your brand. Limited to one per company.

$ 7,000

Web banners

Place your banner on the official event website attracting more than 2,805,000 page views.

Priced on the number of impressions starting from 100,000 impressions. Limited opportunities available.

$ 5,000 for 100,000 impressions


Reach your target audience based on an audience selection driven by Arab Health's website traffic.

Your web banners will be displayed on any website hosting Google banners increasing your reach drastically. Priced by number of impressions. Starting at 100,000 impressions.

$ 5,000 for 100,000 impressions

Mobile app advertising

The 2020 mobile app received 1,071,553 page views. Advertising options include: banner adverts and floor plan sponsorships.

Starting from $ 5,000

Registration Confirmation email

Place your banner advert in the automatically generated emails sent upon completion of pre-registration process of over 50,000+ healthcare professionals.

Exclusive opportunity

$ 20,000

Confirmation page

Your advert can be the first visitors see.

Once they have completed registering for Arab Health on the website your banner will be on display. Only four slots available.

$ 7,500

Newsletter banner

Your advert can be displayed to pre-registered visitors before the event even starts.

Once an attendee has registered, the follow-up email communication, including show updates and developments will be communicated to their direct inbox via email. You banner could be positioned on one of these eshots in either a top or bottom position. Limited opportunities available.

Top banner position $ 4,000
Bottom banner position $ 3,000

Show Daily eshot banner

Place your banner advert in the Show Daily emails that are sent to the full Arab Health database each day of the exhibition.

Limited oportunities available.

Top banner position $ 4,500
Bottom banner position $ 3,500

Featured product

Your product can be displayed on Arab Health's Featured products page.

Only a limited amount of products get featured on the Arab Health website for visitors to view. Add a summary and an image to have visitors engage with your products before the show. Also provide your stand number and website URL so they know where to find you to get in touch.

$ 4,500 per product

Digital exhibitor toolkit - premium plan

Stand out in the highly referenced exhibitor directories and mobile app.

Your company will be tagged as "Premium" to stand out amoungst the other exhibitors to attract more attention towards your brand.

$ 2,090

Pre-show Planner advertising

Put your message in the free downloadable Pre-show Planner.

The guide will be shared on the Arab Health website and directly via email to more than 200,000 contacts in the lead up to the show.

Full page advert $ 2,500

Arab Health TV

Arab Health TV is a powerful medium that Arab Health uses to engage with its followers on the official website and YouTube channel.

In the weeks leading up to Arab Health dozens of videos are posted with interesting content to engage potential attendees. Throughout the event days the presenter interviews organisations with product or service updates which is compiled in a daily roundup and shared with all attendees and on the onsite digital screen network.

Standard Package:

  • 1 corporate video advert (30 seconds) provided before the show
  • 1 demonstration clip recorded onsite

Premium Package:

  • 1 pre-show welcome video before the show.
  • 1 corporate video advert (30 seconds) provided before the show
  • 2 demonstration clips recorded onsite
  • Priority positions in playlist

Standard package $ 7,500

Premium package $ 15,000

Wifi sponsor

Leverage your brand presence to the right audience in real-time by being the official wifi sponsor at Arab Health.

Includes: splash page, full screen advert and landing page.

Exclusive opportunity

$ 60,000

Social media

Be the exclusive social media partner and have your logo featured on all of Arab Health’s social media cover images.

Includes: social media posts and logo feature on the cover images of all of Arab Health's social platforms.

Exclusive opportunity