New opportunities

Opportunities to generate more connections

For Arab Health 2021 we are introducing brand new opportunities to help your company grow and get new business partnerships.


Today - 22 July 2021

from your office or home


24 - 27 January 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre

Keynote sponsor (Non-CME)

Keynote sessions are guaranteed to stand out, attracting attendee attention by featuring key thought leaders of the healthcare industry. Gain brand exposure alongside these leaders and leverage this exclusive content to generate high quality leads who will associate your brand with the latest industry developments. 


  • Gain logo exposure as a Keynote sponsor, linking directly to your company profile during the virtual event
  • ​Nominate a speaker to participate in the session as moderator (subject to approval by Organising Committee)​
  • Have your own files or links available to attendees from the session interface to access​
  • Generate qualified marketing leads within the platform from session attendees
  • ​Receive the in-depth session attendee report (including engagement statistics and attendee contact data) participants​

Price: $15,000

Roundtable sponsor (Non-CME)​

The Arab Health community is extremely diverse. Many of our honourable participants rely on us for the white glove treatment when it comes to introductions and matchmaking, which will include a series of exclusive roundtables to facilitate connections with our distinguished guests. This is your opportunity to stand out to this exclusive crowd and bring not only your brand, but your expertise to the virtual table.


  • Gain logo exposure as a Roundtable sponsor, linking directly to your company profile during the virtual event​
  • Nominate your senior executive to be part of the Roundtable (subject to approval by Organising Committee)
  • ​Sponsor will help identify invitees​
  • Generate qualified marketing leads within the platform from session attendees​
  • Receive the in-depth session attendee report  (with attendee contact data)​

Price: $12,500

Title sponsor exclusive

Place your brand at the forefront of innovation, knowledge sharing and relationship building across the healthcare community as we embark on this journey to adapt how we conduct business in the future.​​

As the exclusive Title Sponsor, you’ll receive top exposure throughout the virtual Arab Health experience, transforming how you connect and share knowledge with influential buyers. 

Price upon request

Online featured product

Your product will be displayed on Arab Health’s featured products page and the Online platform.

Only a limited amount of products get featured on the Arab Health website for visitors to view. Add a summary and an image to have visitors engage with your products before the show. Also provide your stand number and website URL so they know where to find you to get in touch.

Price: $3,500

Post-show report sponsor​

Raise awareness of your organisation across the entire Arab Health universe through your sponsorship of the post-show report. The report will include your logo and an advert, and you will have the opportunity to place a banner in promotional email, which will be sent to the wider Arab Health database.​

Price: $15,000 (exclusive opportunity)​

Featured exhibitor

Your company listing will be highlighted and feature on the special Featured exhibitor list both on the Arab Health website and the Online platform.

Price: $5,000


Have your logo worn around the necks of all attendees.

Choose to brand exhibitor lanyards, delegate lanyards, visitor lanyard, or a combination of any.

$ 80,000


Place your logo on the front and back or all Arab Health badges. Badges are required to be worn at all times by Arab Health attendees to visit the exhibition and conferences.

Choose to brand Exhibitor, Delegate, Visitor, VIP or Media badges, or a combination of any.

Visitor badges: $ 50,000 
Delegate badges: $ 15,000
Exhibitor badges: $ 7,500



Put your logo in the hands of all attendees.

Visitor bags and delegate bags are the two options available. Bags are distributed in key locations around the venue.

Delegate bags: $ 25,000
Visitor bags: $ 60,000

Bag inserts

Include your collateral in these highly sought-after bags.

Choose to place you inserts in visitor or delegate bags or both. Limited opportunities available.

Visitor bag inserts: $ 10,000
Delegate bag inserts: $ 5,000

Notepads & pens

Pens are placed at the onsite registration desks for all attendees to use and take home.

Notepads and pens are available to over 5,000 delegates to use and can be collected in the conference areas.

$ 15,000

Webinar sponsor

Position your own session as part of the official event schedule with an exclusive webinar. Supported by a dedicated marketing campaign, this an extremely efficient way to generate highly engaged leads through content. We will work together on defining the best approach to covering your chosen topic and can recommend speakers/moderators if required, as well as approach them for you, and will take care of your technical rehearsal, setup, broadcast and recording.​


  • Benefit from a dedicated targeted marketing campaign to attract a relevant audience​
  • Receive editorial guidance from the Arab Health and Omnia Health teams to build a content stream around the webinar and put it in context​
  • Generate leads and export attendee data directly from the platform 
  • ​Engage with webinar attendees before, during and after the activity through Arab Health virtual event platform, as well as your own channels​
  • Continue receiving exposure and generating leads by having the webinar available on-demand after the live session​

Price: $ 10,000

Video / Podcast Q&A

Striving to provide our audience with as much content as possible, we’ll create a series of Q&A videos and podcasts with industry experts that will be part of Arab Health. This is your opportunity to stand out as a thought leader and provide our audience with valuable insights on the topic of your choice.


  • Benefit from exposure in a dedicated Resources page available to all attendees​
  • Receive editorial guidance from Arab Health team to select the topic that’s in highest demand and put it in context​
  • We’ll take care of editing the material to produce the final content asset
  • ​Generate leads and export attendee data directly from the platform 
  • ​Engage with your leads throughout the virtual Arab Health experience​​

Price: $ 4,500

Welcome message sponsor 

Be a part of the official welcome for your chosen community day with a dedicated welcome video, which will also be used to promote activity to the target attendee group. This is a unique opportunity to appear in front of your target audience as you invite them to join you for this important event.


  • Benefit from exclusive positioning of this activity on your focus community day​
  • We’ll help you create the script and edit the material to produce the finished 30 second video welcome message​
  • Receive exposure on social media and other marketing channels, as we use the video to invite the target audience to each community day​

Price: $4,500

Networking event host

The Arab Health community is extremely diverse. In order to help our communities generate the most of their Arab Health experience, we’ll be organising a series of virtual networking events to complement our community days.​


  • Benefit from exclusive positioning of this activity on your focus community day
  • Receive logo exposure and upload your materials to session page
  • Opportunity to welcome attendees and kick-off the session as the exclusive host​
  • Generate leads and export attendee data directly from the platform
  • Engage with session attendees before, during and after the activity through Arab Health virtual event platform or your own channels

Price: $7,500

Focus day thank you email sponsor

We will be sending a thank you email to all participants of each community day, as well as those that registered, but didn’t make it. This is your opportunity to place your brand and CTA into this email and generate some traction with this highly engaged audience.


  • Benefit from exclusive exposure in the thank you email
  • ​Include a hyperlink to your URL of choice to generate engagement​

Price: $10,000

Lunch & Learn session sponsor

These sessions will provide your company with an opportunity to engage with attendees through their most relevant community topic. Exclusive to one per community event, these are sure to generate a lot of attention


  • Benefit from exclusive positioning of this activity on your focus community day​
  • Receive editorial guidance from Omnia Health team to build a content stream around the webinar and put it in context
  • ​Generate leads and export attendee data directly from the platform ​
  • Engage with webinar attendees before, during and after the activity through Arab Health virtual event platform or your own channels​

Price: $ 10,000