Pro-PLUS: Cardiatic Telerehabilitation Leader has an appetite for further expansion

As one of the exhibitors during Arab Health 2022 in Dubai, Pro-PLUS will present cardiac telerehabilitation systems and telemedicine kiosks (, both attracting huge interest among company’s partners and clients in Poland and abroad.

Pro-PLUS is one of the most recognizable Polish companies operating on booming telemedicine and telehealth sector, specialized in cardiac monitoring, telerehabilitation in heart failures, hybrid comprehensive telerehabilitation and integrated telehealth systems.

With its mission to create and deliver e-health solutions and tools to make life easier for thousands of patients around the world, the Company has participated in numerous significant R&D projects with key medical institutes and units, including: Strategmed I (cardiological telerehabilitation), Strategmed II (telemedicine technologies in comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with heart failures) and telemedicine kiosks implementation for the city of Warsaw. Today, its share of the market for home-based cardiac telerehabilitation in Poland is about 80%.

Our expertise in cardiology market and numerous implementations in key medical institutes and units allow to expand persistently our potential. Pro-PLUS carried out approximately 1.33 million tests, selling over 30,000 telemedicine devices in cooperation with 351 medical institutions. We are extremely happy that thanks to our cardiac telerehabilitation systems almost 1.4 thousand of post-cardiac arrest patients were able to return to their normal activities. – said Jerzy Szewczyk, CEO of Pro-PLUS.

The company's strategy focuses mainly on sales development in Poland and abroad combined with constant technology improvements and innovative solutions introduction, such as application of artificial intelligence (AI) into its telemedic systems.

According to the latest medical estimates, global demand for cardiac telerehabilitation is 161.7 million patients and for cardiac telemonitoring - nearly 170 million.

Thanks to cooperation with our partners, such as Telemedicine Poland and American Heart of Poland, our telemedicine solutions and devices help more and more patients each year. Increasing the availability of telerehabilitation systems is crucial, since every year in Poland, over 80,000 people suffer a heart attack. Our cardiac telerehabilitation devices and solutions, which are patient-friendly and easy to use, can significantly reduce morbidity and mortality and increase quality of life in cardiac patients. That is why we are strongly dedicated to expand our business and we are open for new partners to join us on this path to success. – concluded Jerzy Szewczyk.