apoQlar to Showcase Cutting-Edge Medical Mixed Reality Technology at Arab Health 2023

apoQlar, a leading provider of mixed reality solutions for the healthcare industry, is excited to announce its participation in Arab Health 2023! apoQlar will be showcasing its latest developments in mixed reality technology via their VSI HoloMedicine®[1] platform. VSI HoloMedicine® gives surgeons an almost "x-ray vision" perspective in surgical planning processes using 3D holographic technology. Physicians across any medical field can now plan surgeries in 3D and visualize medical data inside or outside of the operating room. Using Microsoft's HoloLens 2, a mixed reality head-mounted display (HMD), surgeons can transform otherwise flat CT, Angio CT, MRI, CBCT, PET, and SPECT sources into interactive 3D holograms.

During the event, apoQlar will be giving live demonstrations of its technology at their booth (P.J21) as well as showcasing VSI HoloMedicine® in the immersive digital operating room hosted by Informa. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience how medical mixed reality technology is transforming the way healthcare professionals collaborate and interact with medical data.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our technology at Arab Health 2023,” said Liliana Duarte, COO of apoQlar. “As a leading provider of medical mixed reality solutions, we believe that this event is a great platform to demonstrate the potential of our technology and showcase how it can help healthcare professionals to offer better care for their patients. Come visit us in the Start Up Zone, I will be happy to host you in the medical metaverse.”

apoQlar is committed to developing innovative solutions that are designed to improve the quality of medical care around the globe. In addition to CE and HSA medical certifications for the EU and Singapore, respectively, apoQlar has received FDA 510(k) clearance in December 2022. With this clearance, the USA becomes the 30th country for apoQlar to receive medical certification in and this version of VSI HoloMedicine® is expected to be available in Q2 2023.

We look forward to meeting with clinicians, hospital management, medical students, professors and sharing our vision for the future of healthcare at Arab Health 2023!

About apoQlar

apoQlar was founded in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany to give healthcare a new perspective. apoQlar developed an affordable medical metaverse technology, VSI HoloMedicine®, that brings the crucial third dimension to surgical planning, remote consultation, patient education and medical training. VSI HoloMedicine® holds FDA 510(k), CE Class I and HSA Class A medical certifications for clinical use in 30 countries. The full intended use description of VSI HoloMedicine can be found here.

If you would like more information about VSI HoloMedicine® for your clinical or medical education institution, please contact [email protected].


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