Caretaker Medical to showcase FDA-Cleared VitalStream™ at Arab Health 2023

19th January, 2023 - Caretaker Medical are pleased to announce that they’ll be exhibiting at this year’s Arab Health Conference in Dubai. Amongst other global healthcare experts, The US based MedTech-innovator will attend to showcase the next generation of wireless patient monitoring technology.

In September last year, Caretaker Medical received FDA approval for their continuous non-invasive blood pressure and hemodynamic monitoring technology, VitalStream™. VitalStream™ expands on the company’s previously FDA-cleared Caretaker4 wireless patient monitor by adding advanced hemodynamics, automated NEWS/MEWS early warning scores, higher resolution data and waveforms, ultra-fast 30-second auto-calibration and setup time, streamlined clinical workflow, more data connectivity options and a smaller wearable form factor.

Continuous monitoring of vital signs is a crucial component in detecting and treating dynamic changes. Conventional blood pressure monitoring includes intermittent measurements using traditional cuffs that fail to detect dangerous blood pressure changes, or it is measured continuously with an invasive arterial line, which tends to me costlier and more difficult to use. VitalStream™ was designed to help eliminate monitoring gaps related to irregular spot-checks and vital sign measurements.

Jeff Pompeo, President and CEO at Caretaker Medical, commented “Our continuous blood pressure and hemodynamic monitoring delivers unmatched levels of usability and accuracy. VitalStream™ sets a new standard for beat-by-beat hemodynamics, enabling the full continuum of healthcare to increase patient comfort whilst streamlining workflow. We’re looking forward to showcasing the platform to fellow healthcare professionals at Arab Health 2023 this month. “

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is taking place from 30 January – 2 February 2023 at the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre. Throughout the exhibition, Caretaker Medical will be located in the Intelligent Health Pavilion.

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