Choithram Epione - a new address for superspecialists in pain management and eye care in Dubai

Bringing the best of India's medical expertise to Dubai, facility to open in Q2 2023 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Choithram Epione, a new hub of medical excellence, is set to open in the heart of Dubai's business district, JLT's Mazaya Business Avenue, bringing together the expertise of India's foremost experts in pain management and eye care. The clinic will be the address of superspecialists who bring an unmatched experience of service to thousands of happy patients in India, now they will be bringing relief to patients in the UAE.  

An exemplary track record of more than 183,000 surgeries, restoring vision and transforming lives, makes the superspecialists of Choithram Netralaya (CN) of Indore a formidable team that has been trusted by generations of patients of all ages including those seeking pediatric eye care. Inaugurated by the President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil in 2008, today the eye hospital has served more than a million, further, for research and development projects, it is a preferred partner of international organisations like Orbis, Expo2020 Dubai Innovation grant winner oDocs, Sightsavers, Operation Eyesight Universal and more.

With the superspecialists of Choithram Netralaya in charge, the Ophthalmology wing at Choithram Epione will offer a range of services, including premium cataract surgery, cornea refractive surgery, vitreoretina and uvea services, glaucoma services, and oculoplastic surgery.

According to Dubai Clinical Services Capacity Plan 2018-2030 published by Dubai Health Authority, lower back pain is the second most common ailment for years lived with disability and the fourth most common cause of death in UAE. Meanwhile, orbital and extraocular procedures, intraocular and lens procedures remains among the most in-demand ophthalmological interventions. The opening of Choithram Epione will help in alleviating patient discomfort in the UAE while adding to the emergence of Dubai as a preeminent destination for medical tourism.

The Pain Management wing of Choithram Epione will be under the reassuring advice of superspecialists from Epione Pain Management Center of Hyderabad and Indore, India. The clinic's team of neurologists, orthopaedics, psychologists, physiotherapists and rehab experts have brought a smile to more than 10,000 patients suffering from chronic pain.

Choithram Epione will offer a range of advanced pain management treatments, including cancer pains treatments, regenerative therapy using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), genicular nerve RF, lumbar sympathetic block, cervical epidural, facet RF, opioid transdermal patch, sphenopalatine ganglion block and RF ablation, Gasserian ganglion RF, nerve blocks, trigger points and stellate ganglion block.

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the pain management market in the UAE is expected to reach $142 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period of 2021-2026. Similarly, there is a growing demand for superspecialists in eye care, driven by factors such as an aging population, increasing incidences of eye diseases, and a growing awareness of the importance of regular eye screenings and check-ups. This provides Choithram Epione a perfect opportunity to meet the needs of UAE with the expertise of India's frontline superspecialists in pain management and eye care.

Meet Choithram Epione team at Arab Health 2023.

About Choithram Epione – Dubai, UAE

On the back of more than a million screenings and more than 183,000 successful eye operations,  three decades of proven experience in bringing relief to patients, the foremost experts in eye care from India’s well-established Choithram Netralaya (Eye Hospital) will be joining hands with experts in pain management from Epione Pain Management Center in Dubai. Epione superspecialists have an outstanding record of serving more than 10,000 patients since 2018.  Choithram Epione will form a hub of excellence in eye care and pain management, the address of superspecialists.

For more information on Choithram Epione and to schedule an interview with Choithram Epione superspecialists, please contact us at [email protected]

About Choithram Netralaya – Indore, India

Choithram Netralaya (Eye Hospital) is a NABH-accredited eye care hospital that has been in operation for more than 25 years. Since its inception, CN has transformed thousands of lives with the gift of sight. The eye hospital facility outside the central Indian city of Indore can accommodate more than 250 patients across 8 general wards with a provision of 12 fully-equipped operating theatres – a team of 13 specialists perform surgery all day and all night.

Choithram Netralaya is a one-stop solution for all eye problems, and provides comprehensive eye care services covering Cataracts, glaucoma, Orbit & Oculoplasty, Cornea & Retina, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Community Ophthalmology, Ocular Oncology, Corneal Transplant, Squint, Ocular Trauma, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Uveitis, Low vision aids & visual rehabilitation, Ocular Prosthesis, and Ophthalmic Anaesthesia, among other services.

3 Facts About Choithram Netralaya (CN):

  1. More than 20,000 patients visit CN from various districts of Madhya Pradesh every year for the surgery
  2. Potentially a CN surgeon can operate on 74 patients per week, restoring vision
  3. CN conducts more than 78% of all cataract surgeries in across central India (14 districts, total population of ~20million)

About Epione Pain Management Center – Hyderabad, India

Epione Center for Pain Management & Beyond boasts state of the art architecture and cutting-edge medical tech in treating pain patients. Epione is one of a
kind pain management center in Hyderabad, which takes a multi-modal &
holistic approach to treat pain conditions.

Epione stands ahead of other pain management centres in providing world-class holistic care for patients suffering from pain. A multidisciplinary team helps Epione take a multimodal approach in treating a wide gamut of pain conditions.