Ecozay – Brand of Royal Medix B.V

The radboudUMC hospital in the Netherlands has conducted a research and found that after every surgery 27 KG of waste is disposed. A big part of this waste consists of medical disposables such as gloves, isolation gowns, masks etc.

Our environment is harmed by this waste and our organisation, Royal Medix B.V., wants to make a change.

We have realized that a lot of medical institutes are focussing on sustainability and we feel that providing these organisations with products that are biodegradable will make a huge impact on reducing the ecological footprint.

After investing a lot in research and development we have come up with a complete range of biodegradable medical disposables under our brand ‘Ecozay’. See underneath for a few examples of our products and come bring a visit to our stand M.D20 – Royal Medix B.V. !