JETRO Dubai plays a key role in promoting Japanese businesses in the medical field in the Middle East, says Masami Ando, Managing Director

Fostering strong relationships between Japan and UAE

By Deepa Narwani, Senior Editor

The medical sector is one of the most competitive industries in Japan and the UAE is one of the country’s key partners. This is evidenced by the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Initiative (CSPI) signed by Japan and the UAE in 2018, where the medical sector is one of the 12 areas of cooperation.

Assisting in developing these relationships is Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government-related organisation that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and other nations.

JETRO Dubai was established in 1981, realising the need to strengthen the economic and business relationships with Japan, the UAE and other Gulf countries. For local and foreign companies, the establishment of JETRO served as a gateway to mutual business relationships between Japan and the Gulf states.

Masami Ando, Managing Director, JETRO Dubai told Arab Health: “We support Japanese companies in various sectors to promote their business in the UAE and the Middle East, and we also help UAE and Middle East companies to invest in Japan. We will continue our efforts to promote business in the medical field in the Middle East region, especially in the UAE.”

JETRO has been participating at Arab Health since 2011. Over the past few years, JETRO has invited leading medical equipment suppliers from the UAE to Japan and held B2B business meetings with Japanese companies. Although this programme was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, the organisation was able to organise online business meetings between Japanese companies and suppliers in the UAE.

Spotlight on technology

New technologies such as AI and machine learning are helping to create an opportunity for new entrants in the industry, and several start-ups have been established in many countries around the world as well as in Japan.

“We think the two words, “Data Analysis” and “Remote”, are key concepts for the new trend,” says Ando.

He highlighted that at Arab Health 2021, JETRO is supporting the following companies’ online participation:

1. Japan Medical Device Corporation: The company is showcasing a new medical simulation service using “UT-Heart” – multi-scale multi-physics heart simulator

2. Allm Inc.: A communication app for medical professionals, triage app for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers

3. AI Medical Service Inc.: An AI software to analyse endoscopic images to support endoscopists.

“The pandemic has made us aware of the importance of offline communications, but now we also know that many companies are achieving overseas business results through digital events,” says Ando. “Physical events definitely will come back and become the primary means of international business events, but we believe digital events will not disappear. In the new normal, we think the digital will coexist with physical events to easily connect with people from all over the world online.”

Inspiring people

Furthermore, JETRO will be organising the Japan Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai. The theme of the pavilion will be "Where ideas meet."

He concluded: “We want to convey a message that "the future will change for the better through the exchange of people’s ideas at the Japan Pavilion. We aim to inspire visitors at our pavilion to undertake a variety of activities. We promise that every one of our visitors will find ideas for solving problems on a global scale and that these will relate to Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai.

“Under the theme of "Designing Future Society for Our Lives," the next Expo is committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this light, it is imperative to leverage our experience in Dubai. For “Creating the future”, the Japan Pavilion are “Connecting minds” ensuring that every one of us will fulfil a great meaning for our planet!”