Interview with Mr Sherif Beshara, Group CEO, American Hospital Dubai

Innovation is pivotal to evolution of healthcare

At Arab Health, American Hospital Dubai will be showcasing its diverse achievements in the fields of robotic surgeries and AI-led breakthroughs in epidemiology, says Sherif Beshara, Group CEO

By Deepa Narwani, Senior Editor

The pandemic is undoubtedly a challenge, but the new normal is the silver lining, according to Sherif Beshara, Group CEO, Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, the holding company of the American Hospital Dubai. Healthcare businesses are shedding the status quo and remapping their journey marked by altered priorities. These new priorities include operational resilience, resource optimisation, high digital IQ, data harnessing, and multiple-track supply chain management, to name some. These requisites are interdependent and deliver an urgent message – we have entered a consumer-centric healthcare era. Everything that healthcare businesses do must pivot on this new imperative.

In an interview, Beshara tells Arab Health: “I believe that delivering excellence in healthcare is not an option; it’s the only way forward into the future that ensures the wellbeing of all. As the Group CEO of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, the holding company of the American Hospital Dubai, I am happy to say that this pursuit of excellence has helped American Hospital Dubai become a leader in world-class healthcare and innovation in the UAE and the region.”

American Hospital Dubai has always catalysed progress in healthcare through its partnerships. For example, the Hospital launched the first-ever AI-led healthcare research lab with Cerner, a global Health Information Technology (HIT) provider. In addition, it was the first healthcare organisation in the Middle East to become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network (MCCN).

“We will continue to pioneer more partnerships because we believe in exploring new ground to build a healthier future for humanity,” adds Beshara.

Data – the new DNA for progress

Today, technological advances in diagnostics, prediction, and prevention are closing the gaps between healthcare systems and people, he emphasises. AI, ML and Blockchain are helping to transcend the challenges of human effort in dealing with unlimited data and limited time to come up with breakthroughs in disease patterns, treatment possibilities, and predictive approaches.

He says: “Data is the new DNA for progress, and AI and Blockchain are interpreting and securing data for us. Increasingly, AI is leading to more successful pathways in clinical approaches, robotic surgeries, and wearable health devices, while Blockchain is promoting efficiency in costs, resources and data sharing and security in the enormous healthcare domain.”

For instance, the Hospital’s AI-led breakthroughs have fetched advanced analytics that plays a significant role in enhancing patient care for COVID-19 treatments and highlighting patient risk factors for ICU admissions.

Combatting COVID-19

American Hospital Dubai’s response to the COVID-19 crisis was swift and systematic, shares Beshara. The Hospital deployed tactical and strategic containment and treatment measures and is continuing to do so.

“The pandemic was unexpected; therefore, it provided a faster velocity to our efforts to combat it through a multi-pronged approach,” he added.

First, the Hospital segregated regular medical services and COVID-19 treatments. Second, it set up COVID-19 treatment pods in an entirely independent location. Third, it also quickly set up a 390-bed field hospital with full facilities, all in conformity with DHA regulations. Furthermore, American Hospital Dubai practised local and global accredited treatment protocols to treat COVID-19 patients.

This protocol has proven its efficiency, as the Hospital provides treatment according to the case. “We advise asymptomatic patients to isolate themselves at home. If the symptoms are uncomplicated, we admit them to our independent COVID-19 facility,” he explained. “We treat them at the hospital for severe cases, following the full protocol, including ICU care, if necessary.”

Pursuing innovation

Beshara highlighted innumerable opportunities await the attendees of Arab Health. “The healthcare industry is a vast, complex ecosystem. Therefore, every stakeholder needs to have a clear sight of the new technologies, systems, processes, products, equipment, and developments in the sector. From governments, healthcare and IT professionals, partnerships, manufacturers, health tech transformers to medical and healthcare equipment suppliers, and everyone else involved, the event is an excellent gateway to enter new horizons in this sector.”

He stresses that American Hospital Dubai is committed to pursuing innovative solutions for humanity. At Arab Health, the Hospital will be showcasing its diverse achievements in the fields of robotic surgeries, artificial intelligence-led breakthroughs in epidemiology, the advanced role of its Centres of Excellence in disease fields, technology’s role in enhancing clinical and non-clinical performance, as well its active promotion of Dubai’s medical tourism goals.

The state of healthcare has, is, and will always be the barometer for our collective wellness. Moreover, it’s a domain that must create new hopes for some of humanity’s oldest maladies and new challenges. Therefore, every stakeholder in the healthcare field must envision a brighter future for the global good and endeavour to make it a reality. Arab Health 2021 is a great platform to send this message to the world,” he concluded.