UK firms eye Gulf digital healthcare space

In the last 18 months, British digital healthcare firms have notably been making their mark in the region

Article provided by: Arabian Business | 16 November 2021

British firms are eyeing UAE healthcare opportunities as the sector rapidly digitalises following the pandemic.

This summer, the region’s largest health event Arab Health showcased some of the world’s top digital health solutions in Dubai – including those from British companies. 

As a frontrunner in digital solutions, the UK has pioneered healthcare innovation by introducing and testing solutions in the National Health Service (NHS) – the world’s largest single-payer universal healthcare system. 

At a recent roundtable hosted by Dubai-based British Business Group (BBG), regional experts discussed digital health export opportunities for UK companies into the UAE.

“There is now a major global focus on digitising the patient journey through the lifecycle,” said Dr. Mazin Gadir, director of partnerships, bid management and client relationships at IQVIA, at the BBG panel. 

Gadir added that a lack of regional data maturity, transparency and utilisation has opened up trade opportunities for digital health companies.

“R&D around digital healthcare and data management is still quite nascent in the Gulf,” said Gadir.

Gadir also predicted that specialised technologies, for areas such as chronic disease management and geriatrics, would be in demand as the UAE expat population resides in the country past retirement age as visa rules are relaxed.