BioMind: World’s leading AI Application for Brain Diagnosis


BioMind to showcase World’s First European CE-Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application for Brain Diagnosis solution at Arab Health in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 27 – 30 January 2020. Book an exclusive AI demo to see BioMind at the Luxembourg Pavilion.

Today’s era has witnessed how human limitations can be complemented by the strengths of technology in many industries. In healthcare, this would be a matter of life and death.

Due to an expanding and aging population, doctors are increasingly burdened with voluminous work in both clinical and administrative tasks which can result in long diagnosis time and fatigue. This causes delays in service delivery, affects judgement and even blind spots. For example, according to British Medical Journal[1], in USA alone, 12 million people suffer from misdiagnoses, costing the country billions of costs.  AI can change this.

In the area of radiology, BioMind® uses deep learning, an advanced artificial intelligence technology, to detect and analyse conditions. Through continuous training on a large plethora of past medical scans corroborated by biopsy results, and combining the experience of medical experts, it can achieve a diagnosis accuracy as good as a senior radiologist. The outcome is that it can screen for brain abnormalities in medical scans, as well as propose plausible conditions as a reference for radiologists. Clinically, this has proven to achieve a much higher accuracy than the average radiologists. The entire process from analysing to generating automated reports can be completed within seconds, thus improving overall efficiency, accuracy and consistency in radiology and imaging departments.

Medical images make up more than 90% of all medical data. The number of radiologists is increasing at a yearly rate of 3-5%, whereas the number of medical images is increasing at a much faster yearly rate of 30%. Patients increasingly demand high quality healthcare service from a limited pool of experienced doctors. How can we expand this pool to meet the urgent need?

BioMind® harnesses decades of clinical knowledge and rapidly make intelligent analysis and reporting. It is now deployed in hospitals and used as a tool to assist radiologists in their diagnosis, significantly levelling up both productivity gains and accuracy in judgment. It can also be used as a training tool to level up junior doctors fast.   

Dr Paul Parizel, former President of the European Society of Radiology, shared his thoughts on the BioMind AI solution:

“I am convinced that radiologists will embrace AI to help us manage ‘routine’ tasks quickly and efficiently, thus giving us more time to focus on things that really matter… AI systems (BioMind®) offer a unique opportunity to make a new beginning, to re-invent what we do, to boost productivity and accuracy. I am convinced that AI can take over time-consuming routine tasks, freeing up time and resources to focus our attention on individual patients, and thereby moving from volume-based radiology towards value-based radiology. Take charge of your own future, and embrace it with confidence, courage and determination.”

Such tools can also be easily scaled up for deployment, extending the reach and reliability of high-quality diagnosis to a large segment of the population, especially in many parts of Middle East.  

Similar sentiments were shared by Dr. Gauden Galea from the World Health Organisation, “AI tech like BioMind could aid doctors in rural areas, enabling their residents to access quality healthcare. Take this technology and deliver it to a rural health district and you’ve suddenly got a magical health enhancement that gives doctors there the ability to diagnose.” (The Straits Times, 2018)

BioMind® has the ability to continuously self-learn and improve through cycles of predictions and doctors’ revisions. This means that BioMind® can take on a large spectrum of conditions and be upgraded to analyse other body systems, creating a multi-specialist assistive role to assist doctors across various disciplines.

As the founder of BioMind, Mr. Raymond Moh puts it, “The future economy would be an environment where humans and AI co-exist. Rather than a disruption, the combined strengths of both clinicians and machines can significantly improve the quality of life for both patients and service providers.”

The future belongs to those who prepare for it.

About BioMind

BioMind is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specialises in creating predictive applications to assist doctors in their daily work. These include building state-of-the-art AI technologies to help hospitals diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Equipped with a strong team of machine learning engineers and medical experts from prestigious hospitals, the company envisions to scale healthcare specialist expertise globally using AI so that patients over the world can benefit from accurate diagnosis, personalised treatments, fast access and affordable healthcare solutions.

BioMind has been crowned the champion winner in the 19th APICTA (Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Alliance Award) in the Business Service (ICT and Security) category, after rounds of intense competition with top nominations from 16 APAC countries. This highest accolade for ICT innovation in APAC is a strong endorsement of how our AI solution can transform the healthcare industry and deliver tangible benefits to both patients and hospitals.

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