DYNATABS will be exhibiting at Arab Health 2018

26 January 2018

DYNATABS will be exhibiting at Arab Health 2018 during January 29 thru February 1, 2018 at Za’Abeel Hall, Booth A22.

Interviews will be granted at the booth or during our extended stay in Dubai until February 7, 2018.

Our purpose for exhibiting at Arab Health is to introduce the solutions to the daily maladies that people endure by using product specific homeopathic medicinal convenient products.

DYNATABS, LLC is seeking distributors, importers, chain companies for our highly in demand products!


Since its founding DYNATABS®, LLC is dedicated and specializes in custom formulations of its trademarked, branded, superior “super impact” convenience aging management oral edible dietary supplements strips, skincare products. 

Additional to be shown is our newest line of all mounted soap dispensers suitable for at home and commercial use including at medical facilities that are automatic which user does not tough, keeping it and the user GERM-FREE.

We are also proud to add our wall mounted Air Fragrance Dispensers that dispenses fragrant disinfectant into the area reducing the germs in the air. Aside from the home, consider the reduction of absenteeism from works or commercial establishments like retail stores and importantly schools stopping the spread of germs as people cough and sneeze into the air.

DYNATABS® is introducing many extraordinary products improving offered products available to the market through the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients, and good clean hydration and hygienic management.

DYNATABS® is a U.S.A. company, that targets THE HEALTH & WELLNESS INDUSTRY OF THE 40% OF THE POPULATION WHO CANNOT SWALLOW PILLS WHICH IS AN EXTREMELY LARGE PRODUCT DEMAND NICHE WORLDWIDE with our proprietary innovative natural American vital nutrients with vitamin health expertly formulated by our AMERICAN herbalists and alchemists with superior American ingredients and packaging.

Logically speaking, with 40% of the population unable to swallow pills, do you not see this as a huge profitable opportunity to finally capture the market which has not been able to be serviced or do you think that to fight for the limited market of many distributors selling the same ineffective pills and having to bargain down your sales prices, lowering your profit will keep you in business and in the forefront?

Be aware the Johns Hopkins University who is the world’s largest medical researcher has discovered to make antibiotics in the strip format because they want to reach this market AND knowing full well that after going through the digestive tract of eight hours, the residual value effectiveness is only 0.02% which is nothing! If your loved one needed a live saving cure, would you have doctor give the expedient effective strip or a pill? Is worth your while, from a professional and personal perspective to conduct your life in these times when modern products are being made available to you so why wait.

DYNATABS® perfected Oral Edible Strips increases bio-availability of nutritional herbal remedies that cannot be reproduced or achieved with common capsules or pills, and whose delivery with full efficacy can be achieved in moments by its dissolving on the tongue instantly delivering its full healthy ingredients with a blast of delightful tropical flavor directly into the blood stream, completely bypassing the diluting less absorbing digestive track working with your own body chemistry, without the choking hazards of bulky pills and capsules or bitter taste often found from liquids.

DYNATABS® Supplements:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5ajl1jjkp90kus8/AAC8vbwm-NOotIq-Vr-gHK3Ja?dl=0

Our superior American Herbal Nutraceuticals Wellness Management supplements being introduced and featured in a variety of flavors and convenient ecologically friendly packagings include:

 Digestive Detox                                                  Libido (Natural Vitality)

 Colon                                                                  Sexual Wellness (Natural Vitality)

 Antacid Alternative                                            Sleep Support

 Energy Support (Natural Vitality)

Green Tea                                                           Aspirin Natural Alternative

Antioxidant                                                         Smoking Craves Resist

Vitamins C, B6, B12, D3, etc.                            Anti-Aging Support

Glucose                                                               Beauty from Within

Carbs                                                                   Menopause Support

Memory                                                               Hangover Relief

Food Cravings                                                    Stress Support                                   

Diet                                                                     Ideal Protein   


Nominated as one of the best AMERICAN inventions by Time Magazine.

DYNADOO® Natural Hair Styling Gel Strips: trendy hair Gel strips for the back pocket or travel

PERFECT for travelers since allowed on board planes, parties, school children, swimming, holidays and more!
http://www.dynatabs.com/dynadoo.html https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q691yv6qso8ah00/AABfWkSVx5GE8Tw8AqY08fAva?dl=0


Showing skincare complying with local import requirements, for upper class Aloe Vera, Collagen, Wrinkle,

Acne, Aging, Whitening management inclusive of Eye, Face, Lips, Nose, Hands, Forehead, Neck, Feet, Breast, Nipples, Knees, Hips, Buttocks, Shins and MORE !

SERENITY HOME SPA® and VANITY® Therapeutic Pre-moistened beauty repairing Conduction Facial Masks for users’ simpler pleasures and seductive face: minimizing pores, covers unsightly wrinkles – signs of aging without being obvious is the key combining natural minerals in a hydrating foundation: Aloe Vera, Collagen, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Acne, Bionic, etc.




Our facial collection are filled with skin loving natural ingredients expertly formulated by our American herbalists and alchemists to include vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizing oils, proteins, extracts, and other natural American ingredients which work in synergy to help keep your face looking youthful, healthy and radiant. Our line includes everything you need for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, repairing, moisturizing, and luxurious pampering to invigorate now.............who doesn't need that!

Pure luxury AMERICAN skincare management products consisting of:

Anti-Acne, hydrating, shaving repair, Aloe Vera / Make-Up Removal Conduction Wipes and much more in a unique formulation forming a second skin which is a great delivery system for the product along with a proven merchandising program that no one else was clever to devise just for you. The products serve as a barrier between the skin and elements, Antioxidants, peptides and proven ingredients work together to improve the skin’s tone and texture while protecting against free-radical damage, capitalizing on the popularity of back to basics in a tried and true format, avoiding break-out or irritation but enhances beauty, meeting multiple demands of the consumers repairing imperfections. Aging management tool that minimizes pores covers unsightly wrinkles – signs of aging discreetly by combining natural minerals in a liquid hydrating foundation.

Wall mounted soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion dispensers; Automatic air fragrance dispensers for germ free room freshness, ideal for aromatherapy bringing the elegance of a rich spa appearance.

Ideal products for bathrooms in classy homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, offices, and public domains.

NEWS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ktiolsrmxddwrfg/AACWSh3RjiCMG1Uei9hXC-39a?dl=0


Expert management maintains their commitment of producing the finest convenient products using only the best clinically scientifically validated natural raw materials along with patented cutting edge technology using certified safe cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) high standards in their modern state of the art facility that is in regulatory compliance complete with an in-house quality control and microbiology labs where rigid testing inclusive of product and environmental monitoring, water quality compliance studies and full metal detection, is conducted by experts in their field during every phrase of production.  From natural, pure, raw ingredients receipt to high efficacy potency, quality safe finished products at dispatch are assured that all our products are safe and adhere  to domestic and international regulatory standards.

Private label clients can select from a complete line of products, flavors, packaging, and avail themselves to our expert staff of researchers consisting of nutritionists, chemists, pharmacists, biochemists who assist to produce high quality products specifically tailored to their needs and unique interests.

DYNATABS® offers one-stop convenience, serving the needs of international clients assigning them to our knowledgeable multi-lingual professionals establishing personalized customer relations

managing timely order status, supply chain management, global regulatory compliance,

expertise in product formulation, industry and marketing knowledge.

Certificates of Manufacture and Lab Analysis, flowcharts, cGMP, production batch records,

Material Safety Data Sheets are available to ensure superior compliance, consistency, and purity.

At DYNATABS® LLC, we are making substantial investments which focus on Strategy, Leadership, Collaboration and Execution, underpinning our new brand promise – “Smarter Way to Faster Growth.”

Supply Chain Management

Flexible production to meet surge demands

Product Development / Product Enhancement

Custom Packaging Solutions

DYNATABS®, LLC has always supported in-store initiatives, such as on-trend promotions, innovative new product launches and wellness and beauty advisor training and support.

We are ready to show you the difference, our friendly professional team is waiting to answer any questions you might have or just ask for price quotes to compare to begin with.

Wellness and appearance perfection for life is our company’s mission.

 DYNATABS®, LLC advice to businesses:

“The Surest Way to get Stronger Sales is to manufacture a Stronger Product!”

“Staying the same is not an option as it does not change your results!”

“Evolve or become obsolete. “

 We give this advice because business strategy changes quickly.              We’re here to help!!!!

Discover more at DYNATABS at the Arab Health 2018 in the Dubai Exhibition Center

January 29 – February 1, 2018

Za’Abeel Hall in booth no. A22

Experience what DYNATABS® has to offer you and your readers.


Contact: Harold Baum, Managing Director        Email: [email protected]        Tel: +1 (718) 376-6084