EB Neuro

EB Neuro is an historical worldwide player in design and manufacturing of Neurophysiology devices and it distributes its products all over the world. EB Neuro mission is to develop innovative ways to approach the traditional diagnostic methods which could allow the largest number of operators in this medical fields to achieve the most reliable results. EB Neuro, privately owned, is also one of the main worldwide players with OEM products for several medical companies.

Our Pillars

Thanks to a great cooperation with relevant research organizations and Key Opinion Leaders, EB Neuro wants to further develop its traditional leading role in the innovation of new technologies for EEG/LTM, EMG/EP, Magnetic Transcranial Stimulation and Cardiology.

  EB Neuro Products Lines that we’ll show during Arab Health 2020:

  • EMG/NCS Systems, with EP/ERP functions
  • TMS and rTMS Systems (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), also with Neuronavigation System
  • EEG/VideoEEG Systems, with Wi-Fi EEG/LTM, cEEG (Continuous EEG) and SLEEP Analysis
  • Neurodiagnosis Systems for ICU, aEEG (CFM)

In our product portfolio there are also:

  • ECG Systems for Rest, Stress Test
  • Veterinary
  • Accessories