Ethicheck launches a new range of medical fridges at Arab Health

23 January 2018

Bentley, UK – January 2018. Ethicheck announced that it will be launching its new range of cost-effective medical fridges into the Middle East region at the Arab Health show in Dubai this month.

With 220, 300 & 374 litre models, the fridges are available with either solid or glass doors.

These fridges will also be available with the patented MATOS monitoring and fridge protection technology. Unique to Ethicheck, the system constantly monitors the fridge’s status – temperature, door open, power failure, etc. and will send an immediate alert to users if it detects something is wrong.

If the system detects that a component has failed, and the fridge is not operating correctly, then in most case it will take over direct control and protect the valuable contents from going out of temperature. All recorded data is available online at any time and can be viewed on any device – no special software or equipment are required.

“We are looking forward to launching these new fridges in Dubai, to complement our existing Plus range which has been available in the Region for several years”, says Ethicheck Managing Director, Kevin Duck. “We have introduced Aria to support our distributors in supplying projects which are more price-sensitive and do not require the additional features and expanded range of the Plus series.”

To learn more about both ranges and to see a live demonstration of the Matos monitoring system, please visit us on stand H7B32 on the UK Pavilion. We are looking forward to meeting our old friends and are also seeking new distributors throughout the region.

About Ethicheck

Founded in 2014, Ethicheck licences the Matos technology from Rollex Medical in Australia and New Zealand. Ethicheck provides high quality fridges, freezers and fridge/freezers to the medical and scientific sectors.

Qualified suppliers to the NHS in the UK, Ethicheck has also supplied equipment and technology to the Middle East, South America, Europe & Canada.

For more information or a photograph, please call +44 1372 236455 or email [email protected]