From January 27th to 30th 2020, LIGHT PROGRESS will take part to Arab Health, like usual


Arab Health is considered the leading health care business platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and is becoming increasingly important for health and wellness professionals: physicians, healthcare stakeholders, manufacturers and suppliers of healthcare equipment and services.

For us at Light Progress it has become the key moment to meet our retailers and distributors.

We will take part at this event promoting our UV disinfection product range and our unique, STET CLEAN and STET CUBE. 

Multiple researches prove that stethoscopes are as dirty as doctors’ hands. Nobody usually pay attention to them, but cross contaminations and healthcare associated infections are a big issue nowadays and keeping a high hygiene standard must be a central point in infection prevention activities, at any level. It has been calculated that around 5% of total HAIs could depend on the stethoscopes that doctors and nurses are wearing around their neck…this is impressive, isn’t it?!?

STET CLEAN and STET CUBE are specifically designed to disinfect the stethoscope surface which goes in contact with patients’ skin using the newest technology of UV-C LED.

UV-C LED emission is switched on automatically as stethoscope is connected. UV-C light is scientifically recognized to have a strong disinfecting power, acting directly against the bad microorganisms’ DNA chains.  After being irradiated, bacteria spores, fungi, viruses’ DNA is broken and could not replicate itself and create colonies.

There are three important reasons to use this product:

First, it is automatic and certain, you need 3 minutes to get a standard disinfection level by 99,99%.

Second you get a disinfected stethoscope without any waste (remember the wet cotton pad? ...).

Third you do not have to change your routine, you visit your patient and then you just connect the stethoscope with the device; you can easily bring it with you (like you are carrying your smartphone in your pocket) or you can share it with your colleagues placing it on your desk.

Several tests have been carried out. So first we demonstrate it works in a university laboratory, then we went into a real environment, a real clinic, and we let nurses and doctors using some devices every day. University researchers went at the clinic randomly and stethoscopes were taken to have samples. Results is a disinfection level of 99%, just like that. Researches were so interesting they have been published in the American Journal of Infection control and many other recognized scientific. STET CLEAN also won the award as «best innovation» in 2016, in Vancouver, Canada, at International Ultraviolet Association Congress.            

We are waiting for you at our stand # Z2.F35 in the Italian Pavilion, just after the entrance of the "Dubai World Trade Centre", to talk about the best of UV-C LED technology and we are looking to expand our distributors networks, please come by!