Global Medical Services Announces Opening of Landmark International Hospital in Abu Dhabi at Arab Health 2020

The countdown is on for the opening of the first of its kind, international hospital based in Abu Dhabi. The hospital will transform the international patient experience through family-centered, culture specific design and technological innovation, while setting a blueprint for future international hospital design and experiences. Global Medical Services’ Executives will be hosting several meetings and making a formal announcement at Arab Health 2020. Global Medical Services is exhibiting in the USA Pavilion at stand H6.C59.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, January 14, 2020 - with two years in the physical constructing and almost a decade in vision and mental construction, Global Medical Services ( the innovative global healthcare leader announced that it has signed an agreement to purchase a newly constructed hospital in Abu Dhabi, making it the first of its kind; an international hospital.                                                           

Recent years have seen a great increase in people traveling away from their home country for healthcare, most often for care that is unavailable where they live. Global Medical Services  (GMS) addresses this need by employing all 5 of its divisions to design a medical care complex that is geared to the specific cultural, psychosocial and economical needs of its patients which research proves, when addressed, provides an optimal platform for the best clinical outcomes.

GMS International Hospital Abu Dhabi, will host a plethora of specialty medical services including state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The International Hospital will manage surgeries, procedures, and treatments. For complex treatment, GMS will provide all pre-care and post care needs with one of its partner hospitals providing additional treatment. Addressing not only the complex medical needs of those who travel to Abu Dhabi for their care, the patients will be made to feel comfortable and as close to at home as possible, with GMS realizing the international aspect of the hospital by providing social, cultural and religious programs specific to the patient including translation services, individualized menus, religious programs, concierge services and  first class amenities.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Kim Singh has long searched for the right opportunity and springboard for an international hospital; a springboard which will be the blueprint for other international healthcare centers. “Challenges in caring for international patients are vast including cultural differences, institutional barriers, communication difficulties, little to no medical records or a mean to transfer that information, and financial considerations. We recognize that and see those challenges as opportunities. With this international hospital, we stand today true to our mission of One world. One People. One Vision. Providing accessible healthcare for all.  This is the right time. This is the right place. This is the right thing to do. We are honored to execute this vision in Abu Dhabi and help not only international patients but be a part of the community.  We are excited for this hospital in Abu Dhabi to serve as the model hospital for our future international builds.”

Dr. Ali Al Hossini, the initial visionary and construction executive of the hospital has been looking for the right partner for his dream in Abu Dhabi. He is very passionate about making a difference in healthcare and could not give up the opportunity to build the hospital and have Abu Dhabi be the location that paves the way to changing the world for international patients.

There will be more details forthcoming as operations are solidified.

About Global Medical Services 

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, USA, Global Medical Services’ mission is “One World. One People. One Vision. Providing accessible healthcare across the globe”.  After listening to patients, healthcare providers and government officials across the world, GMS was founded on the simple but vast premise that healthcare needed to be better. To solve that problem, GMS became leaders of change by creating five unique divisions: Global Destination Health, Global Health Systems, Global Consulting Group, Global Virtual Health and Global Senior Services. Each division caters to a unique need in the practice of medicine:  medical tourism and medical concierge service, telemedicine, clinical/executive consulting locally within the country of origin and opening/re-purposing healthcare facilities as centers of excellence, and services for the world’s ageing population. ​ 

GMS is proud to partner with governments, private parties, investor groups, physician exchange programs and hospital systems in which their facility and physicians are ranked amongst the highest in multiple specialties. They are home to well respected and world-renowned physicians, exciting research and ground-breaking treatments; offering the best solutions for patients.  Through our partnerships, the goal becomes the patient and not the administration. We eliminate the need to direct the care to one location and instead we develop patient-centered results world-wide.

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