Gram BioLine is the only company in the world to provide cabinets with full ATEX compliance - both inside and outside the storage chamber!

 The yellow ATEX application sticker (EX) on our different model ranges enables placement in environments with potential explosive atmospheres, and storage of items that can cause potential explosive atmospheres.

The BioLine range of biostorage cabinets provides you with full ATEX compliance – both inside and outside the storage chamber - Interior and exterior spark free.

This is important since cabinets, where only the inside is ATEX-certified can’t be opened if they are to maintain their ATEX-compliance.

As the only company in the world to mass produce cabinets with full ATEX certification, we consider ourselves experts in this area, so if you have any enquiries in this regard please feel free to contact us.


Furthering workplace safety is one of the main concerns for Gram BioLine, which is why the ExGuard cabinet has been developed. Up until now it has been difficult to accommodate the safe storage of items that has the potential to discharge harmful vapors and so far, the safe storage of these items has involved extensive and expensive remodeling of already existing cabinets.

With the BioLine ExGuard these challenges have been overcome and the cabinet can be placed close to the workstation because it evacuates all dangerous vapors and atmospheric particles before the cabinet door can be opened. This provides makes for a very cost-effective and flexible solution.

If you are interested in learning more about our extensive and safe range of range of safe bio storage and ATEX-compliant solutions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. one of our consultants.

For more information please visit us at Arab Health 2020 stand CB85 or contact Mr. Per Holst at [email protected] or on +45 40 11 14 77.