Healthcare Social Media


Social media is an undeniable and ever growing part of our lives, but using public social platforms as a Healthcare professional carries several documented risks. Perhaps it was just a matter of time for someone to think of creating Healthcare Social Media.

The concept of social media offers great potential for professional development and advancement, but until recently there wasn’t a suitable digital solution for Healthcare Providers that meets the needs of surgical specialists.

Any surgeon who went public as a professional on regular social channels soon experienced that;

you have no control over who sees and interacts with your content,

you spend time finding and connecting with people, most of who you already know,

advertisements and irrelevant content are time consuming,

it’s often the same people who interact with you,

being visible professionally attracts unwanted attention and spammy pitches,

graphical medical content is not suitable for public display and can even get you banned,

valuable surgical insights stays in small groups and are visibility is subject to algorithms.

PONSIST fills the voids in the online world of surgery. It combines the advantages of public social channels with a sturdy design that meets the demands of the surgical world. The world’s first industry independent Healthcare Social Media is an autonomous entity dedicated to advance surgeons on their global quest for knowledge.

Not surprisingly PONSIST is rapidly catching interest of surgeons around the globe. Being exclusively accessible to verified surgical specialists, it empowers them to inspire each other, share experiences and discuss techniques to improve their surgical act.

The Global Surgical Society allows for diversification of information gained by focussing on practical individual knowledge and enables discussions, taking the whole beyond the limitations of the information shared in journals and during symposia.

Bringing functionalities tailored to how a surgeon thinks and operates, PONSIST is trailblazing its way through the jungle of established tech giants. Surgical specialists are keen on this development for good reason.

It brings functionalities that are tailored to how a surgeon thinks and operates.

Inside, the platform has a familiar feel to it. You have a content fed timeline and the option to appreciate the work of peers with a wax seal for professional courtesy. In addition this platform comes with an extra timeline called Affiliations. It’s intended to set up much needed cross border collaborations.


Unlike well known social outlets PONSIST does not control your newsfeed through algorithms. As a member you decide what you want to see, leaving individuals in control. The salient detail being that you won’t find advertisements or sponsored content on your timeline.


Inside PONSIST you only encounter verified colleagues giving you the security of a professional environment. Such an environment allows you to discuss topics and display images that aren’t suitable to share in public. There’s a time and place for everything.

Peer to Peer

Being able to discuss practical insights and share medical content doesn’t just give you the opportunity to learn from peers, it allows others to learn from you at the same time. It optimises your time spent online.


PONSIST is a developing platform. It basically provides you with a framework in which you have great influence in shaping the exact contents. The time is now for the early settlers of Healthcare Social Media.

PONSIST founder, Alinda Jansen, built the purposeful society on solid core values to which every action is measured against. Meaningful values such as respect for privacy, sincerity and integrity that are noticeably rare finds in the online tech world.

Surgeons are invited to join the Global Surgical Society by applying for free access at