Medrobotics offering Scarfree head and neck and colorectal procedures with highly advanced robotic technology

The FLEX® Robotic System Enables a New Level of Access and 3D Visualization for Transoral and Trans anal Procedures

Medrobotics offers the world’s first steerable, shapeable, endoluminal flexible robotic system to offer ScarfreeTM head and neck and colorectal procedures.  The Flex® Robotic System is intended for robot-assisted visualization and surgical site access in the throat, anus, rectum, and distal colon. 

The Flex® Robotic System enables surgical procedures where conventional line-of-sight technologies are either not feasible or suboptimal. Surgeons can navigate the Flex® Robotic System around anatomical structures to hard-to-reach locations through a single access site, and then use the high-definition 3D vision system to precisely deploy flexible surgical instruments. The uniquely “wristed” 3mm Flex® Instruments enable the surgeon to operate in confined spaces, further extending his or her reach to important and often challenging areas of the anatomy. 

“Using rigid instruments, surgeons sometimes cannot adequately access and visualize lesions in the throat without surgically opening the anatomy” said (Doctor) of (Hospital). “The combination of a flexible endoscope in conjunction with flexible instruments can be advantageous, especially in patients with challenging anatomy”

A distinctive auxiliary component to the Flex® Robotic System is The Flex® Retractor. This low-profile instrument was designed specifically to enable unprecedented exposure of the base of tongue and other challenging anatomy. With its light weight, wide range of blades, and exceptional adjustability, surgeons can rapidly achieve optimal exposure in the oropharynx, hypopharynx and larynx. The unique adjustability and ease of use provide head and neck surgeons the confidence that they can efficiently achieve the exposure needed for advanced transoral procedures.

The Flex Robotic System is also cleared for use in trans anal procedures.  With the tip of the flexible scope designed to become rigid as it reaches the trans anal procedure site, it allows surgeons to remove polyps or tumors without open surgery or risk of temporary or permanent colostomy bag. 

About Medrobotics

Medrobotics Corporation ( is a privately funded medical device company headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts, USA. It manufactures and markets the Flex® Robotic System, the world’s first robotic surgical platform with a steerable and shapeable robotic scope. The Flex® Robotic System offers physicians the unique ability to navigate complex anatomy through a single, small entry point while operating in hard-to-reach anatomical locations that might otherwise be inaccessible with straight, rigid surgical tools. The Company’s vision is to provide more patients with access to Scarfree™ procedure options. Medrobotics received FDA clearances for the Flex® Robotic System for ENT applications in July 2015 and for colorectal procedures in May 2017. The CE mark was issued March 2014."For more information and queries please reach out to our local partner for Middle East and Africa – Robotics Surgical Systems
FZ LLC, a Gulf Drug company.

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