OrthoHeal LLC


OrthoHeal is a medtech startup which is focusing especially on orthopedics medical device segment.Where, company’s vision is “To craft products to enrich the lives of patients and doctors and strive to design and develop a series of next generation medical devices by providing the best available healing experiences with new immobilization technology to the patients. OrthoHeal aim to be recognized globally as a “patient-first” company that is fueled by constant innovation in the orthopedics sector. These are the products

FlexiOH® Short Arm Immobilizer

FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer is an absolute washable next generation  orthopedic immobilization technology which comes as an easy to fix wearable material on the fractured part, provide rigidity to hold the fractured part as well as it ensures proper skin hygiene.

Intended use:

  • Nondisplaced /minimally displaced /Buckle fracture of distal radius fracture
  • Carpal bone fracture other than Scaphoid /Trapezium
  • As a removable splint during rehabilitation

FlexiOH® Splint/ Slab

FlexiOH® Splints / Slabs are designed for immobilization in the pre-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation period. Unlike conventional cast, FlexiOH®   splint /slab is ready to apply for immobilization.FlexiOH® Splint / Slab is designed in such a way that patients can remove or apply with one hand during rehabilitation

Intended use:

  • In case of Emergency immobilization
  • Acute swelling of fractured / injured limb / joint
  • Pre-operative stabilization
  • Post-operative support after surgery
  • Ligament sprain / soft tissue injury
  • Support during rehabilitation

Rizycure® Rechargeable Light Device

Rizycure® is the handheld light system which is a high intensity portable blue light, developed by OrthoHeal Private Limited. It gives the best result to cure FlexiOH® – an innovative orthopedic cast. Rizycure® is not UV light, it is visible blue light. It is very easy to use and has been made for the doctors’ convenience.

One fully charged Rizycure® Light System can cure 3-4 FlexiOH® cast in a row without recharging. Once it indicates half battery, you need to charge it again for ~120 minutes for uniform intensity.

Upcoming  products

In 2020, We are commercializing a series of FlexiOH® product’s variants such as Full arm Immobilizer, Short leg immobilizer, Thumb spica, boxer Brace, Hip Spica, etc.