Presenting Slovenian Innovation At Arab Health 2020

This year's Arab Health, the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, will feature nine cutting-edge companies from the rapidly expanding innovation-focused market of Slovenia.

While still far from a global giant, Slovenia has a long tradition of combining experience and knowledge with innovation, creative thinking, and care for the environment. That's why, under the banner of Green. Creative. Smart., Slovenia is emerging as a pioneer in innovation and creativity – two key factors behind Slovenia’s impressive economic development and success.

The importance of being Green. Creative. Smart.

By being Green, Slovenia develops technical innovations that prioritise taking responsibility for future generations. That's why, despite its size, Slovenia is the third EU country in the field of eco-innovations, and has doubled its investment in sustainable development. What's more, Slovenia’s socially responsible economy is among the best in the world in terms of environmental health and ecosystem vitality.

By being Creative, Slovenia has a talent for creating value, recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity as a tool for solving the most pressing issues facing the world today. That’s why Slovenia is a leading Central European country in patent registration. And the 30th most innovative country globally. And why Slovenian companies’ R&D investment ranks high above EU-28 average, resulting in technologically advanced products and solutions best suited to the needs of the future.

By being Smart, Slovenia ensures its solutions are globally competitive. That's why Slovenia is the leading country in cross-border trade worldwide. It's also why sustainable and innovative Slovenian automotive components are integrated into basically every European vehicle. And why Slovenia was placed 5th by OECD for smart products delivered daily by the Slovenian digital and robot-intensive economy.

And nowhere is this national passion for responsibility, creativity, and innovation more apparent than in Slovenian healthcare.

That's why no less than nine of Slovenia’s brightest healthcare companies will be exhibiting at Arab Health this year. These companies are at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape. The life-changing technological solutions these companies offer are answering the challenges of medical professionals around the world every day.

SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency, organiser  of the Slovenian Pavilion at Arab Health, is a single point of contact for potential investors and foreign companies looking for new business opportunities. The agency promotes international trade and cooperation between Slovenian and foreign entities. Wherever in the world you are, the agency is your official contact partner when looking for qualified Slovenian manufacturers and service providers.

Make sure to meet our Slovenian exhibitors, learn about their technological and scientific capabilities, and discuss the potential for partnerships to expand your business in a way that's geared towards a bright future.

Dagri inženiring has spent 30 years providing medical equipment for operating theatres, during which time it has developed a wide range of products, customized for various projects.

Its main products are control panels, video panels, workstations, LCD panels, and clocks for operating theatres. Most recently it has developed a video and audio management system for operating theatres.

EUROTRONIK provides advanced information and communication solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, and is the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced IP nurse call system, NurseCare – an intelligent IP-based nurse call system that can be integrated with existing hospital information systems, making hospitals paperless, smart and increasing the level of healthcare.

Extreme flexibility and the constant adaptation of products to local market needs have enabled Eurotronik to grow quickly. The company is present in 25 international markets worldwide and still expanding.

Iskra Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical devices for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine. They currently offer solutions in Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, vacuum therapy, laser therapy, lymph drainage, magneto therapy, and Intense Pulse Light (IPL), as well as radio frequency equipment and supplemental products.

Kinestica is a medical device company developing and producing rehabilitation therapy systems designed to improve patient engagement, shorten recovery path and improve therapy outcomes. Their products Bimeo Pro and Equio are sensor-based rehabilitation systems designed to aid therapy of upper extremities and human balance, combining evidence-based rehabilitation methods with virtual reality.

KOVAL produces medical equipment for retirement homes, hospitals, outpatient clinics and health resorts, as well as the requirements of home care. From treatment tables and chairs, walking, transfer and shower trolleys, to nursing and hospital beds, the company develops and produces all of its products in-house, to the highest standards.

Mediblink is specialized in the development and manufacture of sophisticated medical devices designed for optimum user experience. Mediblink products include nasal aspirators, nebulizers, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, cold/hot packs, heat patches, diagnostic tests and other medical devices. Mediblink Nasal Aspirator 2-in-1 M400 is the safest baby nasal aspirator on the market and the only aspirator in the world that can be used by mouth or with a regular household vacuum cleaner.

MESI develops and produces medical devices for diagnostics purposes. With MESI ABPI MD, physicians can provide a reliable, risk-free arterial assessment and obtain accurate results within a very short time. The MESI mTABLET with ECG, ABI, TBI, BP and SPO2 modules is the first certified medical tablet that is specifically designed for use in medical environments. The system is easy to use and can be effortlessly introduced into any medical practice.


The SteriPro UVC hospital disinfection robot is a unique device for healthcare facilities, providing contactless disinfection of hospital rooms. The use of SteriPro UVC disinfection in hospital environments results in enormous financial benefits for both the hospital and healthcare system.

The SteriPro team has extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing and international business development in healthcare technologies, and is dedicated to making UVC disinfection robots a standard hospital tool for the prevention of the transmission of infections.

VPD Bled specializes in blood glucose monitoring systems, while their pharma division’s expertise is in CBD products. MaX BT is a technologically advanced blood sugar meter with Bluetooth technology that simplifies the transfer of measurement results, making diabetes management faster and more efficient.

Visit us at The Slovenian Pavilion 

Za’abeel Hall 1, Stand Z1.C10, Z1.B01, Z1.CO1

World Trade Centre Dubai

27-30 January 2020