QR 678 Neo - The USA patented therapy for hair loss & alopecia which is taking the world by storm!


In this age and era, outer beauty and looks define a person. One of the major and most daunting losses to self-esteem and confidence is the loss of hair (alopecia), which indeed masks the crowning glory of an individual and goes against everything that uplifts a person’s confidence. Even though many body positive campaigns promote ‘bald is beautiful’, in reality finding that beauty takes courage and strength for the people undergoing it.

A deluge of hair re-vitalizing treatment modalities have plagued the global medical marketspace, but it is well known fact that owing to the often severe side-effects, these offerings tend to be taken with a pinch of salt. While medicines like minoxidil & propecia provide some relief initially, taking them regularly can lead to side effects, including sexual ones. Hair transplant surgery is expensive and since donor area is limited, this therapy does not work in everyone and at all times.

The Esthetic Clinics® is a top class group which runs top class dermatology & plastic surgery centers all over India. The Esthetic Clinics® research team has invented a novel, bio-engineered, hair growth factor based solution to the problem of balding - a therapy termed as QR 678 neo®. This formulation has been named QR678 inspired by the new generation ubiquitous presence of the QR code or the “Quick Response” code. 678 in Morse Code signifies “there is no answer”. Thus, the QR 678 neo® is named thus to signify a Quick Response to a difficult to solve problem of hair loss. The treatment not only prevents, but also reverses hair depletion and promotes hair regrowth.

 The proprietary QR 678 Neo ®, invented by a team led by Dr Debraj Shome (Internationally acclaimed Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon) and Dr Rinky Kapoor (Renowned Dermatologist) has passed the various grades of quality assurance process and protocols that successfully culminated in granting of a patent by United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) (Number 9,700,504) as well as an Indian patent (Number 310925), along with Indian FDA approval. The QR 678 Neo ® is also getting imported into multiple countries like Kuwait, Thailand & South Africa now.

 Under the ambit of The Esthetic Clinics®, Dr Shome & team are proud to showcase the QR 678 Neo ®, at the mega confluence Arab Health 2020 through the Innovations Hub Zone PZ. K 11 from the 27th through the 30th of January 2020. 

 What is QR 678 Neo ®?

The QR 678 Neo® is a medicated solution prepared through bioengineering, from plant based sources. It comprises chiefly of various upregulated protein-based growth factors that excite hair cell growth, hair expansion and cell differentiation. This solution is delivered through mesotherapy across the areas of hair loss on the scalp by a trained healthcare professional, and each sitting takes a mere five minutes to administer the same. It can be administered in patients who suffer upto a Grade IV scale of baldness. Patients start seeing very good results in 4 sessions and treatment is completed in 8 sessions, each given three weeks apart. With a zero down-time application post the treatment appointment, the individual can immediately resume his daily activities.

 After having treated ten thousand plus patients successfully traversing across a decade, Dr Shome and Dr Kapoor firmly vouch its remarkable results, which have been tested and the scientific evidence of which has been published in indexed top-quality American journals. They have documented that this treatment modality is much safer and result oriented than the stem cell therapies and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections that have flocked the market all over. The QR 678 ® is also a minimally invasive alternative to the conventionally advocated hair transplant procedure. It also negates the use of adjunct pills and medications, some of which have shown to have a damnation of reproductive potency.

 Video on QR 678 Neo treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2G5-_7inow

 QR 678 ® website: www.qr678.in

 About Us :

The Esthetic Clinics ™ (http://www.theestheticclinic.com) are a group of world-class centers spread across the Indian sub-continent, dedicated to plastic surgery & skin care of the entire body. Spearheaded by Dr Debraj Shome (www.debrajshome.com) (Internationally renowned Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery) and Dr Rinky Kapoor (Dermatologist) the organization practice evidence-based medicine & perform cosmetic surgery for beauty, plastic surgery for birth abnormalities, plastic surgery for fractures, trauma & cancer induced facial deformities, provide laser surgery & many cosmetic solutions for skin cosmesis, as well as provide therapy for many skin diseases. The Esthetic Clinics ® are also India’s first private organization to be approved by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) & Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) under Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), for conducting clinical trials for Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology, in India.

Their unique patient care model utilizes the strengths of having clinics where they consult patients & reputed JCI accredited top-class hospital facilities where cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries are performed. They have a multi-specialty model, where they combine the best plastic surgeons, the best skin care doctors (dermatologists), reputed maxillofacial surgeons, hair transplant surgeons, cosmetic surgeons & hair transplant surgeons, as well as the most advanced laser equipments anywhere in Asia, to provide the best possible care. Their physicians are involved in cutting-edge research well & strive to give you a personal, caring, safe & positive experience. They also perform a significant number of philanthropic surgeries for cancer patients & acid attack survivors, at the lowest possible costs.