Synbiotics for your health

About BellaVie

19 January 2022

After 25 years of experience in the health industry, Benoît Ligot and Olivier Raimond, two passionate scientists, have embarked on the development of a unique and innovative range of 100% Belgian Synbiotics focused on current global health issues.  

Composed of carefully selected probiotics, prebiotics and nutraceuticals, BellaVie products, also called "SynbioceuticalÒ", bring together all the necessary ingredients to improve your microbiota and your well-being. 

The food supplement market is constantly growing. The world population is more and more concerned about being treated with natural products and the health crises of COVID-19 has a significant impact on consumer behavior. In 2020, we see a 9,2% increase in global sales of probiotics compared to 2019*. These products are widely prescribed and recommended by practitioners. * Global market Insights Inc.2021.

BellaVie is able to meet a large number of demands on the world market and for this reason the Laboratory participates in Arab Heath. Having already twenty partners in the world, BellaVie remains in constant search of expansion. 

BellaVie Range 
BellaVie places global health at the heart of its priorities and is committed to contributing to the improvement of well-being and health for all by developing products suitable for the whole family. 

BellaVie offers an innovative and unique range of synbiotics combined with nutraceuticals, which help: strengthening the immune system, stress management, cholesterol regulation, reducing diabetes and overweight, improving vaginal flora and reduce urinary tract infections, promoting child growth and prevent infectious diseases. 
BellaVie Synbioceutical
BellaVie has decided to create innovative and complete supplement foods that are a step above by the average of probiotic supplements on the market by adding nutraceuticals to its formulations and called them « SynbioceuticalÒ ». Each BellaVie product concentrates up to 10 billion bacteria strains carefully selected. In addition to the benefits provided by the action of the synbiotics, BellaVie products have a superior power on health thanks to the various added nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are natural active compounds that natural foods that have a beneficial or protective effect on health such as vitamins or trace elements. They can improve, prevent and reduce the risk of various diseases. 

BellaVie Quality  

BellaVie offers high quality products in terms of formulations as well as in the choice of packaging in order to export the products all over the world. BellaVie also gives priority to choose the most suitable primary and secondary packaging that will protect the contents of the caps from the external environment. 
Development and innovation are a full part of BellaVie's values.  

Formulation: The Laboratory has developed unique formulations thanks to its innovative concept of Synbioceutical. Each capsule contains a high concentration of live microorganisms: 10,000,000,000 CFU (colony forming unit). 

Gastro-resistant capsules: To protect the probiotics from stomach acid, we use specific capsules with superior resistance to stomach acid. The quantity of alive probiotics that reach the intestine will therefore be higher. 

Specific packaging: We have chosen to package the capsules individually to preserve them from humidity. Moreover, the plastic used for the blisters (Triplex) is known for its quality of conservation against humidity and high temperatures.   

This choice of packaging allows the strains contained in the capsule to stay alive as long as possible and protect them from as many obstacles as possible. 

Certifications: BellaVie is certified ISO 22000 and GMP.