The AHSN Network supports UK innovators at Arab Health 2020


Acting as the innovation arm of the NHS in England, the AHSN Network returns to Arab Health this year as part of ABHI’s UK Pavilion following a successful first visit to the show in 2019. The Network will be supporting a small group of innovative UK healthtech companies who are ready to export their products to international markets.

The Network is perfectly placed to talk to delegates from international healthcare systems about any challenges that they think NHS organisations and UK innovators might have solutions for. They are also keen to meet international healthtech innovators who would like to understand how they can enter the UK market and work with the NHS.

The innovator companies being introduced to Arab Health delegates by the AHSN Network include:

  • 3D Metal Printing Ltd
    3DMP is an engineering company based at the University of Bath.

Its innovation, TOKA® (Tailored Osteotomy Knee Alignment) helps deliver reduced surgical time and waiting lists by combining digital and additive manufacturing technologies to develop precision-engineered, patient specific prothesis for a personalised solution to knee osteoarthritis.

  • Activ8rlives (Aseptika Ltd)
    Aseptika Ltd co-designed the Asthma+me app and PUFFClicker™ with a Paediatrician at an NHS Trust. Designed for children aged six to 12 with moderate to severe asthma, Asthma+me provides basic disease monitoring via connected devices, patient education, medication adherence and motivational self-care support to reduce the severity of asthma attacks and resulting hospital admissions.
  • C2-Ai
    C2-Ai helps hospitals to reduce avoidable harm and mortality, generate significant savings on operating expenditure and reduce clinical negligence claims by up to 10%. Their unique clinical Ai systems have been successfully tested and produced benefits in 11 countries including the UK and the USA.
  • Fundamental VR
    Fundamental VR has developed an education platform called Fundamental Surgery. The HapticVRTM ‘flight simulator' for surgery gives young surgeons valuable hands-on experience. It provides a new immersive, low-cost way to educate and manage young surgeons and delivers detailed insight on performance for training directors.
  • Medovate Ltd
    Medovate has developed SAFIRA (Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia), which gives a single anaesthetist control of delivery of regional anaesthesia rather than current practices that require two people. This reduces time and costs. Patients benefit from both a reduced risk of complications, including nerve damage, and a reduced risk of the procedure having to be repeated.
  • ORCHA (The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps)
    ORCHA is the world’s leading health app evaluation and distribution organisation, and the trusted source for health app advice. It offers unique app review, accreditation, curation and recommendation services. Its app evaluation service is the only one of its kind, and allows national health bodies to meet the scale of the market, pace of development, and breadth of test requirements.
  • Simple Shared Healthcare Ltd
    Simple has developed “Florence”, a sophisticated technology platform that provides personalised, targeted behavioural psychology-based messaging. It interacts with patients as the friendly, non-judgemental persona, “Florence”, through familiar SMS texts via the patient's own mobile phone. Florence has been used by more than 120,000 patients and stands out by consistently improving quality through better adherence to prescribed treatment.

Visitors to Arab Health 2020 can meet these companies and the AHSN Network team in the ABHI’s UK Pavilion in Hall 2, Stand G50.