The new Atlan: forward-thinking anesthesia

Anesthesia workstation family for more patient safety and hygiene in the OR

  • Comprehensive safety functions support even in critical situations
  • High flexibility with tailored workstations
  • Efficient hygiene support

Dubai – The work of the operating room team is closely timed, while patients need to be cared for in the best possible and safe way. Medical technologies can play a large role in these situations in protecting the patient and supporting the treatment outcome. This is where the new Atlan anesthesia workstation family comes in. Thanks to its robust electronic piston ventilator, the Atlan allows for safe and precise intraoperative ventilation of surgical patients, even for neonates. The device is supplied with a system of extensive safety functions, which helps avoid unintentionally high tidal volumes or inspiratory pressures, for example. Beyond this, Atlan also features safety backup functions to increase operational reliability. If, for example, the device is suspected of a technical malfunction or in the case of a power outage, the anesthesiologist can control the ventilation manually in backup-manual-mode at the flip of a switch. In the event of a gas supply failure, mechanical ventilation can be continued with ambient air until proper function is restored. Another safety mechanism checks if ventilation hoses have been properly attached and monitors the replacement intervals of individual components that need to be replaced, either due to wear or in regular intervals.

Ready for the challenges of everyday surgical work

“Atlan is the all-rounder of anesthetic workstations for all patient groups, procedures and spatial requirements,” explains Lars Kirsten, Product Manager at Dräger. The workstation is available in two trolley variants, a ceiling and a wall version, and with a variety of configuration options. “The setup can be customized to suit customer needs and expanded if further investments in additional device options are planned. This gives the possibility of having the same anesthetic workstation with a uniform user interface in every OR. This supports error prevention in the OR, reduces the need to continously re-train staff and the efforts for device pool management,” adds Kirsten.

Medical technologies as part of the hygiene chain

Not only the surfaces, but also the interiors of medical devices such as the ventilation system can increase the transmission of germs in the event of irregular hygienic measures. The Atlan family devices help the operating room team in efficiently performing hygiene routines. Consisting of only a few parts, the Atlan ventilation unit, for example, can be disassembled quickly and without the aid of tools. The surfaces of the device are smooth and rounded and thus can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Specific cleaning instructions based on effectiveness and material compatibility tests with Dräger medical devices also help to optimize hygiene processes. Cable ducts and sophisticated hose management also ensure that accessory components for the Atlan do not hang down loosely or get in the way.

Experience in anesthesia since 1902

Not only the practical experience from thousands of operating rooms world-wide, but also worthwhile ideas for a forward-thinking anesthetic workstation have been incorporated into Atlan’s development. Since the first “Roth-Dräger anesthetic machine” in 1902, the new Atlan family has continued Dräger’s series of reliable and innovative anesthesia machines.

The Atlan product family is manufactured by Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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