Arab Health 2019 - InteGen Press Release

InteGen is a diagnostic reagent manufacturing company and develops  innovative DNA probes with clinical applications in cancer genetics, miscarriages, prenatal diagnoses, and IVF. We offer multi-color interphase chromosome profiling (ICP) and InstaFISH with 15-minute hybridization. Our multiplex approach provides guaranteed and comprehensive results than other genetic testing methods. All of our products have the following attributes: 1) Faster 2) Better 3) Cheaper and 4) failure-proof. Our products can be used in invasive and non-invasive prenatal and cancer testing. Using our breakthrough technology, IVF clinics can offer fresh embryo transfer and in-house PGT-A testing.  Determining the genetic status of a pregnancy can be done in lass than an hour using our 15-minute InstaFIsH technology. Establishing a cancer, making specific diagnosis and obtaining prognostic information can all be done in less than 4 hours from as little as a single circulating tumor cell in the peripheral blood (the liquid biopsy).

In the field of molecular diagnostic cytogenetics, our probes can 1) detect balanced, unbalanced, and Robertsonian translocations, 2) provide high-resolution breakpoint assignment, 3) characterize marker and add chromosomes, and 4) detect balanced and unbalanced sub-telomere rearrangements. Our Multiplex probe design saves technologists’ time and reagent costs, and we guarantee that our prices are the most cost-effective in the market. We can also make custom probes for all of your research and clinical needs.

Please stop by booth H1.F33-B.  Hall 1 Florida Pavilion