Several new innovative dialysis products produced in Sweden will be launched by CureMed Nordic AB ( Ltd ) at Arab Health exhibition

December 2018

Curemed Nordic AB is a Swedish medical company developing new products fort the worldwide market and also acting as distributor representing high quality producers on the Swedish market.

With the knowledge of the needs of the medical market, CureMed Nordic AB is introducing four new products produced for the dialysismarket.

Keeps the bloodlines in place and reduces the risk that bloodlines draw out the needle in the patient during the treatment.

Easy to use and LineStrap can be used many times on same patient.  Cost effective and reduce patient risk during dialysis treatment.

Saves nursingtime since FistuaStop is put on to press on the patient’s fistula to stop the bleeding. This instead of nurse using a lot of time to do the same work.

FistulaStop is saving nursingtime and reducing risk of bleeding after dialysistreatment.

Replacement Clamp
New innovative high quality dialysis product.

Many dialysis patients have bloodcatheters as a way to get access to the blood.

Bloodcatheter can stay in the body for a long time and the clamps on the catheter will sooner or later crack and the total catheter must be changed which means high cost and risk for the patient.

Our replacement clamp is developed to have the possibility to change only the clamp instead of the whole bloodcatheter. Low costs, less work and security for the patient.

Worldwide innovation to avoid nurses to be hurt during work because they open and close old type of clamps that are very hard to open/close.

A lot of nurses working with dialysis treatments get problems with fingers and hands because of old type of clamps that needs a lot of power to open/close.

Ergoclamp enhances the ergonomical comfort for the nurses.

CureMed Nordic AB ( Ltd ) is looking for partners, distributors worldwide for the new innovative products and will show the new products at Arab Health for the first time in the world.

For more information contact
Erik Puhasmägi, CEO
Mail:      [email protected]
Phone:  +46 73 26 54 97