Effective treatment for tobacco dependence and tobacco withdrawal syndrome


  • Tobacco smoking remains the leading global cause of preventable death in developed countries
  • Smoking contributes to some 5 million premature deaths each year worldwide and over the next 20 years this number will increase even to 8 million (WHO)
  • Up to half of all tobacco users will die from a tobacco related diseases
  • Nicotine is highly addictive, with more than 95% of unaided attempts at cessation failing to last 6 months
  • According to WHO/ Europe tobacco control database smoking is associated with shortening of life of 12 20 years and is the cause of 21% deaths
  • In Europe smokers constitute 28.6% of the population 40% of men and 18.2%

Respyr (cytisine) is a natural plant alkaloid, a molecule with a high binding affinity to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Respyr 1.5 mg tablets is a revolutionary product intended to be used in the treatment of nicotine dependence. Respyr is a unique real alternative to expensive, currently approved anti-nicotine therapies.

Key Advantages:

  • Respyr has a unique mechanism of action. In contrast to NRT it doesn’t contain nicotine. Its therapeutic range is much greater than of nicotine.
  • Proven efficacy as evidenced in numerous clinical trials. Efficacy of cytisine has been recently clinically tested on a large number of patients over 10,000. Several trials curently in progress.
  • Well known substance with over 40 years of use.
  • Respyr is well tolerated and safe. In contrast to bupropion and nortriptyline, it is not an antidepressant.
  • One course of therapy takes only 25 days. In case of of failure, the therapy can be repeated after few months.
  • Respyr is inexpensive. The whole therapy is a cost of 3-4 packets of cigarettes.

Standard Respyr Therapy

The use of Respyr allows for a gradual reduction in the physical addiction to nicotine and in consequence it allows for weaning off nicotine without withdrawal symptoms.

Drug administration scheme:

  • 1st to 3rd day -1 tablet every 2 h (6 tablets daily);
  • 4th to 12th day -1 tablet every 2,5 h (5 tablets daily);
  • 13th to 16th day -1 tablet every 3 h (4 tablets daily);
  • 17th to 20th day -1 tablet every 5 h (3 tablets daily);
  • 21st to 25th day -1-2 tablets daily

Even one package of the CYTISINE 1.5 mg drug product may suffice for breaking the nicotine addiction.

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