Narang Medical: Global & Growing!

Started as a small enterprise, Narang Medical is now a multi-national company which has its offices in India, USA & Middle East. With its own state-of-the-art-factory which is run by the fine engineering pedigree, we are able to offer to the world, the products which are truly 'world class'. Also, with 19K+ products under 44+ categories, Narang Medical boast itself as 'best source to get' wide range of medical devices, hospital furniture, orthopaedic implants and hospital consumables.

"Since our inception, we have considered the world to be our playground and focused on being a known brand name globally." It is this focus that has enabled Narang Medical to achieve an impressive 40% average annual growth in exports. Today, the company's products are sold in more than 80 countries across the globe through efficient network of distributors. The global reach and fast growth in exports is testimony to their high standards in quality control, product design & development, prototyping, packaging and sterilization," informed Parveen Narang, President, Narang Medical USA Corporation.

Quality and innovation have been at the core of Narang Medical's success story. The company has been a permanent attendee at most of the global healthcare conventions and has brought the best in medical equipment and hospital furniture to India through collaboration with international partners.

The company has all the necessary certifications and the products conform to the applicable international standards. "We have a team of dedicated quality assurance experts who not only continuously monitor the quality but ensures that what all goes out of our premises is absolutely flawless. Without great quality it doesn't matter what something cost," says Vivek Narang, Director, Narang Medical Limited.

He further states, "We don't make products for the market, we don't even think of our distributors when we design products. Neither hospitals and the doctors who love to use our products are in our minds - we actually think about the 'Patient' first. We focus over the safety of patients and how our products can help patient recover faster. At Narang Medical, the patient is first always!"

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