Oscadi revolutionizes medical diagnostics with the commercialization of oscult, its portable ultrasound

2 January 2017

Oscadi, a startup from Reunion Island specializing in ultrasound imaging systems, announces the commercialization of Oscult, its light, intuitive and connected portable ultrasound solution, spawned by an ambition to revolutionize medical diagnostics. Oscult makes first-level ultrasound accessible to all medical practitioners, whatever their degree of expertise in medical imaging. Whereas existing ultrasound devices are designed for specialists in the clinical environment, Oscult can be used to establish an initial diagnosis and obtain rapid answers to simple questions on the patient’s health status in any care delivery situation.

As well as ease-of-use and a near-zero learning curve, Oscult is the first iPad-based ultrasound with a real-time image sharing functionality. It is the first medical device in the world to obtain the Apple seal of approval, making Oscadi the first Apple-certified manufacturer in the medical ultrasound field. Oscult has won several prizes since its initial design: winner of both the Telemedicine and Popular Vote awards at the 2016 E-Health Summer University, winner of the 2015 “We Are Innovation” competition organized by BNP Paribas, and finalist at the international startup event “TechCrunch Disrupt” in 2014.

The question of access to diagnostics and healthcare is a major issue in day-to-day healthcare – but also in crisis situations. Our team of engineers created Oscult to make ultrasound accessible at low cost to all medical practitioners, particularly those who are not medical imaging specialists,” says Oscadi founder and CEO Olivier Sautron. “Growing shortages of healthcare professionals, overflowing A&E departments, the lack of specialists, or technological limitations in certain countries are driving the development of telemedicine and technologies like Oscult to provide continuity of healthcare, improve patient outcomes and obtain reliable diagnoses. Thanks to our solution, the world of telemedicine has been enriched by Point-of-Care ultrasound.

Oscult enables practitioners to share their investigations in real time, a vital feature for seeking expert assistance from a colleague in performing and interpreting the ultrasound. It allows non-specialists to connect up remotely to a medical imaging specialist in order to dispel any doubts about the diagnosis. For the first time in ultrasound, the device comes to the patient, saving time and space as well as the patient’s energy.

With Oscult, every diagnosis is made easier:

-  Connectivity: thanks to its 3G/4G capability, practitioners thousands of miles apart can communicate in real time as they look at the same image. The webcam and remote real-time image sharing make it possible to obtain assistance in performing and interpreting ultrasound scans;

-  Easy to handle: accurate diagnosis requires ample freedom of movement. Oscult provides user aids: easy measurement, image capture, and voice recognition and command;

-  Time saving: the device transcribes the data automatically and the converts it into a written report, which is saved in the patient’s records.

Oscult is accessible to all practitioners: non-specialists (emergency medics, GPs, physiotherapists, etc.), specialists (hospital consultants, radiologists, gynecologists), educators (medical schools, training centers) and veterinary professionals.

Our aim is to bring our innovation to market as quickly as possible by raising several millions euros in funds over the coming weeks,” adds Olivier Sautron. “We are also working on human certification – which we expect to obtain shortly – to enable it to be commercialized for the human medical market.

Oscult has already obtained certification for the veterinary market. It will be available from October 1st in France and Belgium, and will be distributed by SKWAZEL, a company specializing in the distribution of innovative veterinary products, at a pre-tax price of 12,900 euros (including an integrated iPad Pro).

About Oscadi

Oscadi is a French startup, created in 2013 and based on Reunion Island, specializing in ultrasound imaging.

Oscadi now employs 12 people, mostly in technological development, and has its own research laboratory.

Oscult, its innovative portable ultrasound, has earned several accolades since its creation, including finalist at TechCrunch in 2014, and winner of the Social Innovation Prize awarded by BNP Paribas in 2015.

It is also the first Apple-certified manufacturer in the healthcare field of ultrasound imaging.

Oscadi’s vision is about moving from a “product” approach to connected ultrasound towards a “service” approach by providing a service platform that enables the transmission of medical images by non-specialists and the aggregation of specialist diagnoses, not only in ultrasound (with Oscult) but also in other fields, through the integration of other connected products.

To learn more about Oscadi and Oscult, visit http://www.oscult.com/medical

Company contacts:

Olivier Longin : [email protected] +262 692 75 44 77