Profile Genios ambulance is presented at Profile Vehicles stand OS.C20 every day by Profile Group team

28 January 2017

Most advanced ambulance concept on the market

GENIOS ambulance concept is designed for all pre-hospital emergency medical care and patient transportation operations. The design is based on modular structure and therefore it is easy and cost-efficient to modify it according to many different requirements. We also tailormade new features per customer needs whenever there is enough added value for the customer. This ambulance concept can be built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (also on coming new model launched in 2018) and Volkswagen Crafter. The same philosophy is used also in other models based on for example Ford Transit.

Safety, ergonomics and hygiene

These 3 fundamentals were our quidelines when developing the product. All structures related to safety are tested in compliance with the requirements of European standard EN1789 – including dynamic negative 10G crash test in 5 directions. Layout of the patient compartment is designed so that the paramedic is able to treat belted patient, that is laying on the stretcher, while sitting on one of the paramedic seats with 3 or even 5-point safety belt fastened – still reaching all necessary medical devices and items.

Well designed ergonomics enable ambulance crew to handle all possible tasks in all conditions. Work ergonomics inside the vehicle is designed from both paramedic and patient point of view. The layout minimizes wrong spine and neck positions while working. Bracket for oxygen cylinder can be rotated out from rear door for a change of rather heavy cylinder so that minimal pressure on the spine is loaded. Many paramedic seat -models on the side of stretcher are available. Most used seat model is rotating towards the patient when needed and, also folds on the side wall when more space is needed for acute situation or during cleaning of the patient compartment. Automatic stretcher helps the ambulance crew to move the patient in and from the ambulance without any lifting effort.

Hygiene is getting more and more important part of medical care. The materials and shapes used in the upholstery of patient compartment are resistant for contaminants and very easy to clean.

Profile Genios ambulances has been delivered to Europe, Middle East and Asia regions. It has become one of the industry standards in its home country Finland and in many other countries as well.