The Global Innovation of Hand Hygiene


Location Arab Health: It is with great pride that the WK-MedTec company announces the world-wide product-launch of the Hand-Sanitizer, which leverages the integration of cold plasma technology in combination with contactless and alcohol-free hand sanitation in only 15 seconds. This innovation has taken the domestic market of Germany by storm, and will celebrate its international market premiere at the Arab Health in Dubai.

The Product

The Hand Santizer is a contactless sanitation device that leverages globally patented cold-plasma technology to fully disinfect customer’s hands within 15 seconds (99,99% disinfectant guarantee). The application is simple: hands are held into the device and a micro-hue of cold plasma mixed with purified water is gently applied.

The Story

People are living in a world where impeccable hand hygiene has become a non-negotiable in every arena of life. Whether we go on a trip, go out for dinner, go to work, or just go for a stroll… people request the presence of hand-sanitation opportunities WHEREVER they go. That is the standard that people expect.

How has the world been doing in serving that standard?  Quite frankly, not very well – alcohol-based disinfectants (which have been used with varying levels of success for hundreds of years) are found on almost every corner… and yet one cannot help but question their less than ideal results -  over 50% of the people that want to use an alcohol-based disinfectant station find it to be empty… 8/10 people who use an alcohol based disinfectant aren’t able to fully disinfect their hands due to improper use of the product… the clear majority of users complain about its unpleasant stench and dermatologists confirm that such disinfectants can cause long-term skin-damage when used repeatedly…

The founders of Wk-MedTec looked at this market and asked themselves a very simple question:

“Can we do better? Can we leverage the three core-values of our company (quality, simplicity, andsustainable  innovation) to create a product that provides customers with a fully functional, easy-to-use, and consumer friendly sanitation device that re-defines the standards of day-to-day hand hygiene?” – Wilfried Krömker, Co-CEO

Out of this conversation, the Hand Sanitizer was born. The Product has 3 distinct USPs: it is made in Germany,  it is fully sustainable (economically, environmentally, and socially), and it is alcohol free.

Product USPs

Made in Germany

The device is fully “Made in Germany” which provides the following key benefits:

  • 99.9% sanitation guarantee => Official non-affiliated lab-tests conducted on the device guarantee a 99,9% sanitation guarantee in only 15 seconds.
  • Reduction of viral infections => The 99,9% effectiveness of the device will drastically reduce viral infections and raise the overall health of the customer’s ecosystem.
  • Adoption of the hand-sanitation future => The device is the first in the world to successfully integrate cold-plasma-technology in a fully functional hand sanitation cycle; making it a must have for any progressive customer concerned with the fundamentals of hand-hygiene.

Fully Sustainable

The re-usable storage tank system is built around economic, environmental, and social sustainability , providing the following key benefits:

  • Full economic sustainability => Thanks to the re-usable storage tank system, the cost per use is 100 times cheaper than that of a traditional sanitizers (0,04 cent vs. 0,5 cent).
  • Full environmental sustainability => The re-usable storage tank system will reduce the amount of plastic container waste by at least 365 bottles a year PER business CUSTOMER (100 uses a day).
  • Full social sustainability => The Product has 3 distinct USPs: it is made in Germany, it is fully sustainable (economically, environmentally, and socially), and it is alcohol free.

Alcohol Free

  • Supple hands => the micro-hue of purified water and plasma creates the sensation of soft and well moisturized hands once the sanitation cycle is complete
  • Dry Sanitation experience => the micro-hue of purified water and plasma ensures a dry experience throughout the entire sanitation cycle
  • Pleasant Smell => the sustainably scented purified water provides a pleasant olfactory experience throughout and after the sanitation cycle