W&H Med – high-end solutions for the medical sector

The product offering from W&H encompasses “More than you expect”: With the new “W&H Med” brand, the company is now also offering high-end solutions for the medical sector. Customers benefit from the comprehensive expertise in the fields of sterilization and surgery.

Next stop: Arab Health in Dubai from 28th to 31st January 2019.

W&H products are already firm favourites with users all around the world, and the company is now  applying its unique expertise from the dental sector to the medical sector too. With the brand W&H Med, it is now launching its new range of sterilizers and surgical devices for medical applications in hospitals and clinics. “With W&H Med, we want to focus on opening up targeted sales markets in the medical sector,” explains W&H President Peter Malata. Customers in the medical sector will now be able to benefit from W&H’s high quality. Accompanied by the slogan “More than you expect”, W&H Med supports medical facilities in rendering day-to-day clinical practice simpler and more effective, thereby leaving healthcare personnel more time for their most important job: the patients.

Lisa - Efficiency and reliability in the sterilization process

Lina - Maximum flexibility

W&H Med product range – “More than you expect”

The new W&H Med product range, tailored to the needs of different regions, encompasses the tried-and-tested Lisa, Lina and MS sterilizers as well as Lexa, which was specially developed for use in North America. The varied range has the perfect device for every requirement:

Lisa: Short cycle times, an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive traceability system ensure that the type B device’s sterilization process is both efficient and reliable. Employing patented Eco Dry technology, Lisa automatically adapts the cycle time to the load. Additionally, with the fast cycle it is possible to sterilize unpackaged instruments in just 15 minutes.

Lina: The type B sterilizer offers maximum flexibility. With its comprehensive capacity it can sterilize and dry loads weighing up to 5 kg in just 33 minutes.

MS: MS guarantees a high hygiene standard. This is supported by a drying process with the door closed in combination with an antibacterial filter. The sterilizer provides cycles for wrapped and unwrapped instruments.

Lexa: Specially developed for the North American market, Lexa adapts perfectly to suit user requirements: The cycles can be selected depending on the load. Lexa also guarantees a high hygiene standard by drying with the door closed.

Alongside the sterilization products, W&H also offers greater efficiency in clinical applications with its new range of surgical devices. With the “Amadeo” surgical unit, the company offers perfect harmony, optimal safety standards, flexibility and unbeaten comfort. Amadeo impresses with its intuitive operating concept, which is characterised by a multi-user management system and other features. The option of customising the language setting and the personalised setting of the colour touchscreen are just two of the many features. An innovative pump system, the wireless foot control and the possibility of a future upgrade (module system) make Amadeo the perfect partner for day-to-day surgical requirements.

High hygiene standard with the MS sterilizer

Lexa adapts perfectly to suit user requirements

Next stop: Arab Health 2019 in Dubai
The W&H Med product range attracted a great deal of attention at the leading international trade fair Medica in Düsseldorf in November 2018, where the brand was introduced to an extensive specialist public for the first time.

The next stop is Arab Health in Dubai from 28th to 31st January 2019. As a globally recognised platform for health and medicine, the trade fair attracts experts from all over the world. W&H’s focus will be on providing a comprehensive insight into the expanded product offering, plus W&H employees will be available to interested visitors at the W&H booth for consultations and exclusive product presentations.

Further information on the “W&H Med” products is available at https://med.wh.com/en_global/

Visit us at Arab Health in Dubai from 28th to 31st January 2019 – Hall 1 / Booth Z2 J 03

You can also follow the launch of the new W&H Med products on Facebook @W&H Med and Instagram @whmedical.