World famous Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) is expanding to Dubai

Dubai, U.A.E: In healthcare, your needs & conditions are unique-therefore your treatment should be unique too. When it comes to healing, the last place you want to find yourself is in a cold, sterile hospital. A place that simplifies each treatment into a formulaic experience—a one-size-fits-all approach to your health. That is why you need a holistic health and wellness approach to cure, healing & recovery. MHG innovative treatment options combine the best of health, wellness, natural medicine and relaxation to create a transformative experience to cure even the most chronic diseases.

With MHG, you can find the best personalized approach to medicine to overcome various health conditions using advanced diagnostic technologies and MHG proprietary treatment (using custom IV administered natural formulations) developed in Germany by Dr Johannes Wessolly, the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Miskawaan Health Group, together with the Chief Scientific Officer Dr Rebekka Zirbel. MHG has clinics and treatment centres in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and three centres in Thailand. MHG has an existing formulation lab in Germany and is building a new state of the art Formulations Plant in Thailand.

Why MHG Healthcare

At MHG, in recent years, we have treated over 16,000 patients under various categories such as autoimmune, cardiovascular, metabolic gut health hormone imbalances, sexual health, chronic & neurological diseases, bacterial and viral infections and cancer. Our treatment options include immunotherapy, men’s health, women’s health, nutrition therapy, hormone therapy, cancer care, detox therapy, physical therapy, and other common health issues.

Our Core Beliefs

·       Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

·       Proprietary natural formulations

·       Comprehensive Diagnostics

·       Complete Personalized Care

Meet The Team at MHG Healthcare

Dr. Johannes Wessolly

Co-founder & Chief Medical Director

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wessolly is the key innovator and  Chief Medical Director at Miskawaan. He is a former anesthetist and an expert in combining naturopathic therapy with cutting-edge diagnostics to create prevention & treatment plans.

David Boehm

Group Co-founder

Miskawaan Health Group is co-founded by David Boehm, a senior partner in Hong Kong’s illustrious world of finance. David is a a successful entrepreneur who is committed to giving back to the community, establishing charities, “The Hub” in Hong Kong and “Childline Thailand Foundation”, to support vulnerable children and young people with distinct needs in our society.

Pradeep Sagar


As the Board Member and Director of MHG Healthcare, Pradeep Sagar brings in his expertise with scaling small businesses, technology and operational efficiency. He is currently focused on providing venture capital and seed capital to promising business ventures through his family office-Sterling Forte. Some of his recent investee companies include MHG, Techware Lab, KinderPass and Ascent.

Achal Ghai

Managing Director: MENA/South Asia

Achal is the Founder and MD of Legacy Emirates Group which has been in business in the UAE for over 17 years. Group companies include Legacy Smart Employment Services (HR Outsourcing), Legacy Smart Financial Services, Azara Capital -Venture Guardian(VC/Angel Investing and Corporate Finance: Dubai, Singapore & India), Fame Legacy (Tax Consulting), Legacy Marketing(Art) and MHG Healthcare.


You can find us at Arab Health.
Arab Health is the leading medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare.

Live in-person:
21 - 24 June 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre

Our booth: H6.E50

Start your journey to a healthier you.
(From 21 to 25th Dr. Johannes Wessolly will be available for consultation. To book an appointment, Contact Eric Mark Dias, 0557077076 or email [email protected]