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Preventive & post-diagnostic treatments

Whether you're aiming to be a distributor for advanced preventive & post-diagnostic treatment products in the region or looking to source the most innovative solutions for your healthcare facility, the preventive & post-diagnostic treatments sector at Arab Health is the perfect avenue for you to do business with leading manufacturers.

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Arab Health showcases over 300 product categories, but has segmented the 2020 exhibition show floor according to 8 main product sectors. Exhibiting companies have been located on the show floor according to the main product sector applicable to their business.

The preventive & post-diagnostic treatment industry:

Patients are today increasingly aware that preventive measures allow them to have a better-quality and stress-free life. Along with affordability, easy availability of diagnostic devices capable of early detection of the asymptomatic diseases is expected to fuel growth in this sector. The global preventive healthcare technologies and services market size was valued at US$ 139.1 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 12% between 2018 to 2024. This growth can be attributed to the increasing prevalence of lifestyle-associated and other chronic diseases. The report further highlighted that pharmaceutical companies are also taking a keen interest in preventive medicine and consider it to be a growth area in the coming years. For example, as part of the Vision 2030 plan, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health plans to spend up to SAR 23 billion by 2020 to reform primary healthcare. The government has also been promoting a healthy lifestyle through online campaigns, creating walking areas and conducting preliminary screening/health checks. 

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