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Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato was a Platinum Sponsor and an Exclusive Medical Tourism Partner of Arab Health 2018.

To introduce the expertise of Gruppo San Donato in clinical and didactical areas and medical research, we have picked out the best of our professors and researchers to participate in various educational activities throughout Arab Health 2018.

Arab Health participants had the opportunity to meet them at any of the below activities:

1.  Arab Health Congress Engagement

2.  Gruppo San Donato Excellences in Healthcare Forum

3.  Hands-On Training Sessions


This event is now closed. Check in with us on the Arab Health website in the coming months, to see what we have in store for next year.

Arab Health Congress Engagement

GSD took part in the Arab Health Congress - please click on the conference names for individual programs and speaker details. 

  1. 29th January
    3D Medical Printing Conference
  2. 31st January
    Gastroenterology Conference
  3. 1st February
    Surgery Conference


Gruppo San Donato Excellences in Healthcare Forum

Date: 30th January

Location: Room Dubai B (located above Sheikh Maktoum Hall)

Didactical and Clinical Excellences in Dentistry and Dental Surgery by San Raffaele Medical Centre Dental School 

  • 9 :00-9 :30 : Dott. Michele MANACORDA: Particular Computerized Aids in Dental Procedures
  • 9 :30-10 :00 : Dott.Raffaele VINCI: New Trends in Implantology

Innovations and Technological Excellences in Cardiac Surgery

  • 10 :00-11 :00 : Dott.Francesco STURLA: Innovation and Implementation of 3D Technology in Healthcare
  • 11 :00-12 :00 : Dott.Mattia GLAUBER: Innovations in the Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

New Trends in Gastroenterology and Endoscopic Medicine

  • 13 :00-13 :15 : Dott. Paolo ARCIDIACONO: IBM Surveillance
  • 13 :15-13 :30 : Dott. Alberto TESTONI: Innovations in the treatment of Precancerous digestive diseases 
  • 13 :30-13 :45 : Dott. Paolo ARCIDIACONO: Updates on Enteral Stents 
  • 13 :45-14 :00 : Dott. Alberto TESTONI: Innovations in the treatment of Gastro-Oesophagus reflux diseases

Excellences in the modern treatment of Obesity and Diabetes 

  • 14 :00-15 :00 : Dott. Alessandro GIOVANELLI: Medico-legal aspect and consent process
  • 15 :00-15 :30 : Dott. Andrea FORMIGA: The financial implications of Bariatric Surgery complications and coverage
  • 15 :30-16 :00 : Dott.ssa Alessandra FREDA: Excellences in Nutrition and treatment of Obesity and Diabetes
  • 16 :00-17 :00 : Dott. Lorenzo PIEMONTI: New Trends in Endocrinology and Diabetes

Hands-On Training Sessions

Hands-On Training located at Trade Centre Arena

Hands-On Training Sessions

Courses and Training Program

Attendees were invited to participate in the Hands-on Training sessions of the San Raffaele Dental School within the Gruppo San Donato, which took place throughout the exhibition. Every day  a team of experts  presented  the most innovative and advanced methods of teaching and training in medical areas. They also hosted international trainees, especially coming to learn from their team of Professors.

It was also an opportunity to meet with some of the best Residential Students coming from Italy to share their academic experiences with the public.

Please find the program for all the sessions below:

  • January 29th: Dr. Gaetano PAOLONE, Dr. Elisabetta POLIZZI: To learn and train in the most important aspects of Aesthetic and Conservative Dentistry (session title: Aesthetic and Conservative Dentistry)
    Group 1:
    11.00 am/2.00 pm
    Group 2:
    3.00 pm/6.00 pm
  • January 30th: Prof. Raffaele VINCI, Dr. Michele MANACORDA: To learn and train in New trends in Implantology, in particular computer-aided procedures (session title: New trends in Implantology
    Group 1: 10.00 am/1.00 pm
    Group 2: 2.00 pm/5.00 pm
  • January 31th: Dr. Francesca CATTONI: To learn and train in Digital Smile Design and software planning (session title:Digital Smile Design)
    Group 1: 10.00 am/1.00 pm
    Group 2: 2.00pm/5.00 pm
  • February 1st: Prof. Massimo DE SANCTIS: To learn and train in Periodontology: in particular reconstructive surgery of periodontal tissue (session title: Periodontology)
    Group 1:
    10.00 am/1.00 pm
    Group 2: 2.00 pm/5.00 pm