Interview with Mr Rashad Hassan Al Moosa, Joint Managing Director, Partner and Member of the Board, GulfDrug

At the forefront of innovation
Today’s healthcare devices are smart, and their intelligence function is a precursor to the coming automation in the near future. Rashad Al Moosa, Joint Managing Director, Partner and Member of the Board of GulfDrug, tells Arab Health that the company is ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and was one of the first providers of pharmacy automation and robotic surgery units in the UAE. He says, “We in the UAE are leading the drive in this sector ahead of most countries in the GCC and the Arab World.”

Could you give us a brief about yourself?
As a graduate in Finance from Boston, I joined GulfDrug’s journey in 2001, nurturing its growth from a pharmaceutical distributor to a national leader in all its various fields in healthcare. It has been both exhilarating and rewarding, seeing its journey from the past to today, tomorrow and to the future. We continuously strive to improve, to stay ahead of the game in the industry and to deliver the best quality healthcare to all our customers and partners. Our goal is to serve the UAE and its vision: To be a Global Centre for Excellence in Healthcare. 

What are you showcasing at Arab Health 2020?
At Arab Health 2020 we will be showcasing the following:
    A) New robotic solutions for healthcare services.
    B) New solutions for medical management services for the hospital sector in the UAE.
    C) New innovations in hospital pharmacy robotic automation. 

“Connectivity for better healthcare delivery” is the theme of Arab Health this year. What would you say is the current impact of connectivity?
The theme for this year’s Arab Health, ‘Connectivity for Better Healthcare Delivery’, is most appropriate in today’s environment where the delivery of modern healthcare is reliant on technology. The more connectivity available, the higher the accuracy of information and treatments, which in many cases is lifesaving. Today’s devices are not just machines, they are complicated computers providing a vital instantaneous function in communicating information gathered from patients and delivering it to a central source for easier access by all parties concerned at the right time.

What are your thoughts on the UAE’s healthcare industry? According to you, what are some of the healthcare trends being seen in the region and what do you see as the growth areas going forward?
Being the most competitive healthcare market in the region, all stakeholders strive to provide the best treatments and services and to be in the forefront of setting the best standards in the region. Today’s patients demand both quality facilities and quality services. Healthcare is no longer about providing a necessary service but is also about the experience. This has been achieved primarily through privatization in the region by all governments and their continued support to grow this rapidly evolving sector.

What, according to you, are the opportunities available to healthcare and trade professionals who attend Arab Health?
Arab Health is one of the largest healthcare shows in the world where both healthcare and trade professionals find all they need in one venue, with easy access to the UAE and to Dubai in particular. Leading international brands showcase their latest innovations and technologies, allowing visitors direct contact with potential suppliers. Arab Health provides the right showcase to demonstrate these technologies that can be taken up by its visitors to their home countries.

Could you shed light on your future plans.
Our future plans are as ambitious as those of our country – to be the best at what we do and to deliver the best to clients and to customers alike. Our commitment to invest in our knowledge base as a company will continue, so our people in turn may use their knowledge and skills to provide the best quality of service and products to our customers, as we have done in the last 50 years. 

Anything else you would like to add.
It is sad to say as healthcare providers we do not get the recognition and the glory and exposure of other industries. But rest assured we should not be demotivated and continuously strive towards our goals, in the knowledge that what we are doing will save lives and improve quality of health. Nothing could be more fulfilling. It is that promise in our industry, to preserve quality of life and health and make it better, that allows us to sleep with a good conscience.