Country Highlights

Each day of the exhibition will highlight a specific country that is making an impact in the medical devices and products industry. For each of the country highlights, meet with them on their dedicated day in the Dealers & Distributors Zone to discuss how you can do potential new business together.

DAY 1 - Monday, 29 January

Country highlight to be announced.


DAY 2 - Tuesday, 30 January

Northern Ireland logo

NORTHERN IRELAND is the country of focus for day two of the exhibition.

Northern Ireland has a thriving life and health sciences sector that benefits from a strong collaborative approach between industry, academia and clinicians. 

The region offers expertise across precision medicine, clinical trials and digital health. Northern Ireland also has clinical specialisms within the areas of oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, respiratory and diabetes.

More information coming soon...

DAY 3 - Wednesday, 31 January

Country highlight to be announced.


DAY 4 - Thursday, 1 February

Country highlight to be announced.



Visitor registration during the show days will be charged at AED100 - so make sure you register today for your free access to the exhibition!