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Tradex-Services hosted the Country Day and the Business Forum at Arab Health 2018 on Day 4.

More than 330 exhibitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland displayed their products, innovations and services inside the Tradex-Pavilion and invited attendees to visit their stands and professionals. Leading brand manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors were pleased to represent products such as Medical Technology, Laboratory Equipment, Surgical Products and Services, Radiology, Imaging and Diagnostics..

The demand for medical care is growing worldwide year by year and the interest for German medical technology in the U.A.E. is still unbroken. Germany’s medical engineering market is the third largest in the world and medical technology in and from Germany is well known and very research and development oriented and innovatively organized. In Germany, medical technology has a long tradition and ranges from medical aids such as splints and bandages, electromedical and surgical devices, implants, artificial hip and knee joints and pacemakers, to instruments for microtherapy and diagnostics, etc. Much importance is attached to a stronger digitization of the processes within the supply chain diagnosis - therapy - aftercare.

We are pleased to introduce you to the companies, who attended the Business Forum at Arab Health to display their products and services "Made in Germany“.

To view Germany's Business Forum click here.

Who Exhibited

3B Scientific  

The international group of companies 3B Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of didactic material for scientific, medical and patient education. The product line includes anatomical models and charts, medical simulators, acupuncture needles, Laser Pen, therapy & fitness products as well as natural sciences teaching aids and systems.

The brand name 3B Scientific® is represented in over 100 countries worldwide in the medical and educational sector. Achieving constantly growing sales, the 3B Scientific group is the worldwide leader in the anatomy market today. As a recognition of its worldwide success, 3B Scientific has been selected as a member of the German ”Hidden Champions”.

The essential factors for the steadily increasing success are:

  • The excellent quality of the products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained personnel
  • The extremely competitive value of 3B Scientific® Products
  • The uncompromising flexibility of processing customer requirements

 That is what 3B stands for today: Best quality, Best value, Best service!

ABARUT GmbH und Co. KG  

ABARUT™, based in the south of Germany, provides a comprehensive healthcare product portfolio of instruments, container systems, medical textiles and disposables to hospitals, clinics and wholesalers of the healthcare sector.

Our carefully selected & customized German quality products are complemented by a high specialist competence and individually tailored, highly beneficial customer services, making ABARUT™ an outstanding single source solution for the healthcare market.

Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert GmbH & Co. KG  

For over 30 Years neodisher® has been guide to the technical development of instrument hygiene and has set new standards. neodisher® concepts guarantee first-class results and the longevity of high-quality materials.

Our specific expertise enables us to find solutions to even the most difficult challenges in areas where hygiene plays a crucial role. Put your trust in our expertise.

the most of our expertise: the specialist knowledge of our neodisher® advisers is a strong argument for choosing Dr. Weigert.
We are happy to advise you on all issues relating to cleaning and disinfecting medical devices and accessories.

ClinicAll Germany GmbH  

ClinicAll has been dedicated to realizing computer-based information and communication solutions for clinics since 2008. The acclaimed ClinicAll bedside terminals provide safe access to the clinic information system, enabling doctors and staff to see, share and manage all patient data, while also answering the patients' entertainment needs – such as TV, Internet or phone.

The importance of digital solutions is ever increasing: the annual data volume will grow by 50% until 2020 – a tenfold increase within just six years!

ClinicAll collaborates closely with specialist hardware and software providers such as Microsoft, Advantec, SRC Infonet and NiQ Healthcare. Digital patient data access, patient room supervision, food ordering and soft nurse call have been successfully implemented on ClinicAll bedside terminals, thus offering a true one-stop solution for the digitalization of clinic operations.

Dorothy Margueritha Searles, DoMaSe   

Dorothy Margueritha Searles, DoMaSe: Main Distributor in GCC for Femtonics Microscopes.

A company based in Basel, Switzerland. The Managing Director, Dorothy Searles has over 20 years’ experience in Grant Funding Management for Health Research projects.  Together with her partner, H.H. Sayyid Bader Al Said from the Sultanate of Oman, they work as a perfect team to enhance marketing collaborations between Europe and the GCC.

DoMaSe is proud to be introducing Femtonic’s custom designed 2D and 3D microscopes during the Arab Health 2018 as it is the main distributor in the GCC. Femtonics are one of the most dynamically expanding manufacturers of two-photon laser scanning microscopy.  They make unique, custom designed 2D systems and as pioneers, have introduced real-time 3D imaging technology to the market.  Due to their modularity, each Femtonic microscope meets the researcher’s own needs and can be customized to fit a wide variety of biological applications.  The microscopes are used by the multidisciplinary team to continuously test the scientific applicability of the new developments.


Our motto has also today first priority for us and we work together with worldwide renowned clinics and universities to realize new ideas, to modify products and to adapt on the requirements of the different markets. Thereby the flexibility, service and of course the quality will capitalized. We produce for you nails, locking-systems, innovations and standard products to 100 % in Germany.

Highly motivated and well qualified employees guarantee for a high and consistent quality according to EN ISO 13485:2012 and Directive 92/42/EEC. 

INTERCUS GmbH - your expert for polyaxial locking implants and innovations


Kiefel – Your Experts in Medical Technology – DRIVING YOUR PERFORMANCE

Expertise in the Medical Industry since 50 years. Customer satisfaction is our goal - the best solution for your specific needs. Supporting new developments in our Innovation & Technology Center.

KaWeCo GmbH   

Nearly 40 years, KaWeCo has manufactured innovative medical devices, breast pumps in particular, exclusively in Germany. During the years, we have consistently advanced our engineering knowledge to launch most diverse types of products. There are devices to be used especially in clinics and hospitals as well as compact, portable solutions for working mothers. Apart from these devices, our product range also covers accessories like suction kits and carrying bags as well as products for the care and support of nursing mums.

We are a responsible partner in the context of the WHO Codex. All our activities are geared to promote breastfeeding. Our products offer solutions for breastfeeding problems. We look at breastfeeding in a substantial and holistic way.

Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG

Kettenbach has been one of the most advanced companies in medical product manufacturing for decades. Our clear-sighted thinking in the development and marketing of products for the fields of dentistry and medicine has assured us a prominent global position. We stand for intelligent, straightforward and reliable solutions that are ahead of their time.   

Our slogan summarizes this claim in just two words: Simply intelligent, Outstanding quality, which is extremely important to us at Kettenbach, can only be achieved when a highly sophisticated product is also easy to use.

Kettenbach is an internationally oriented family business based in Germany. It develops, produces and markets medical products that meet the highest quality standards under two business divisions: Medical and Dental.

The Medical Division is a Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG. branch that looks back on more than a 40 year experience in the production of a medically evaluated sponge material made of pure cotton and regenerated cellulose. As the years progressed, continuous improvements to the material were made, so that our current product quality ranks among the very best in the world.

At Kettenbach, total quality management is not a marketing catch phrase, but rather our everyday practice. Consistent high production quality is monitored and ensured by in-house quality control, certifications to DIN EN ISO 13485 are a matter of course.

Our in-house R&D Department consistently promotes the steady optimization of the product portfolio. Production takes place in in-house facilities, also at the German location: We live the maxim „Made in Germany“.

Today, Kettenbach is a leading manufacturer of medical products. Thanks to the ongoing improvement and our superior quality standards, we have been able to develop many new applications for our range. Sugi® is being used for the following medical applications: Ophthalmology, ENT, dental medicine, neurosurgery, diagnostics, wound therapy and a wide variety of micro surgery interventions. Considering all of these applications, it is safe to refer to the product as a Versatile Cellulose Sponge Material.


MAVIG designs and manufactures personal protection devices and X-Ray accessories, as well as ceiling- and table-mounted equipment. Our patented ceiling tracks and suspension systems, comply with the latest requirements of the industry. All products are certified bearing the CE Symbol. MAVIG is market leader in its business fields. Product quality ‘’Made in Germany’’ and service is acknowledged worldwide. MAVIG also develops the world’s first applicable confocal laser scan microscope - VivaScope®. This, for the first time, allows for an ‘in vivo’ optical biopsy in real time.

Medical ECONET GmbH 

The roots of medical Econet GmbH long back to the year 1997. As European headquarter of company “Kretz Technic AG, Zipf / Austria, our office was located in Dorsten, on the edge of the River-Ruhr-Area. In present days we are an independent company and have established ourselves as a qualified manufacturer and supplier of medical products, successful in national and international sales. In February 2013, we moved our headquarters to a new, modern building complex in Oberhausen / NRW. With our high quality and innovative medical devices, medical Econet GmbH recorded a steadily increasing demand in Germany, Europe and many other regions around the world. Medical supply specialists, hospitals, clinics, midwives, therapists and many other therapeutically active groups rely on our experience and our professionalism. Our aim is to constantly extend and improve our product range of diagnostic devices and imaging systems. The needs and wishes of our customers we always raise perceived as inspiration for new developments and implemented successfully for many years.

Meyer-Haake GmbH Medical Innovations  

The Meyer-Haake company was founded in 1981 by Ms. Meyer-Haake with a product line for dentistry only.
In 1989 our first high frequency production surgical unit was placed on the market.

In 1995 Meyer-Haake established a Quality Management/Assurance System according to the Medical Device Law and - in addition to the dental product line – products for physicians were developed and produced.

In 1995 the innovative tissue adhesive EPIGLU® was registered and successfully introduced worldwide. In 1998 the radioSURG® 2200, a larger and high-capacity radio surgical unit for all kind of surgical procedures followed.

In spring 2003 Meyer-Haake sold the complete dental product line to a well-known German dental company and since then has focused its activities on the medical market.

In 2010 the RF-ReFacing® - Treatment, an innovative anti-aging method with the radioSURG® 2200, was registered and a special unit, Beauty Treat was developed for this specific purpose.

Our smoke evacuation smokeSTAR has completed our product line since 2012.

Peter Pflugbeil GmbH  

Peter Pflugbeil GmbH is a mid-size company with almost 40 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices. "Made in Germany" is important to us - we design, develop, and produce our products at home.

Our tradition and flexibility make us uniquely qualified to provide excellent individualized service and timely assistance.

Our goal is to make it easier and safer for physicians to care for their patients. Our product range includes specialized disposable and reusable biopsy instruments; ascites, abcess and pleural drainages, cannulas, catheters, guidewires, biliary stents and specially manufactured items.

Primed Halberstadt Medizintechnik GmbH     

Primed® Halberstadt Medizintechnik GmbH is a family-owned German business that has been providing its customers with high quality products for more than 30 years. We have experience in development, manufacturing and worldwide export of innovative high quality products. From conception through production up to sterilization of individual products, we offer our customers everything from a single source. Innovative strength and experience enable Primed to develop high-quality products for different applications.

- Stool Management System Diarflex Advanced
- Wound Management systems
- Tracheostomy & laryngectomy products

Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH   

PROTINA: Pioneer and expert in mineral preparations – Made in Germany

Protina is an independent, medium-sized family business which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2017. The German headquarters and GMP-certified production site are located in Ismaning, near Munich. Protina focusses on developing and producing high-quality mineral preparations which are marketed as drug and nutritional supplements. The Basica® and Magnesium Diasporal® product ranges rank among the leading OTC brands in German pharmacies.

Protina’s primary focus is always on its customers. Products are regularly modified and improved to meet customer demands and comply with the latest scientific standards.

The company has successfully used local distributors to establish its business in more than 20 international markets. Protina is strongly committed to building their presence in both national and international markets. Today, Protina generates one third of its annual turnover outside of its home market and aims to expand further.

Managing director Tiedemann describes the strategy of the German company: "Having reached high levels of activity and a great reputation in our domestic market, we are very well prepared for further global expansion."

Global business is our passion: We combine outstanding market knowledge and our partners’ existing distribution channels with tailored marketing strategies. Furthermore, Protina’s highly qualified employees provide support in all regulatory and scientific matters. “Our partners can rest assured that we manage our core competences in product development, production and distribution in-house. It is very important to us that our partnerships are long-term and based on trust, honesty and sincerity” states Tiedemann.

Service and partnership are of fundamental importance to us, and it is through collaboration with our partners that we have managed to reach leading market positions with our brands in a number of different countries around the globe.

Ritex GmbH  

Ritex innovative family planing – Made in Germany

Contrasting the trend to produce in Far East, Ritex still manufactures its Premium Quality condoms and lubricating gels in Germany. Worldwide the most advanced production systems, innovative technologies, best row materials, long-time experience and the strictest test criteria secure the highest quality, which Millions of clients trust since many, many years. This makes Ritex to one of the best-selling and most popular condom and lubricant brand since almost 70 years. Ritex condoms protect and are available for very different demands. Where insufficient ability to glide creates discomfort or even pain during penetration, Ritex lubricating and massage gels eliminate these problems. In case a couple is trying to conceive, Ritex offers the first lubricant to support the natural conception. Moreover Ritex produces protective sleeves for the medical sector.

Schwa-Medico GmbH  

More than 40 years of expertise in the art of pain relief, muscle stimulation and acupuncture. Continual research and development and a close co-operation with our manufacturing company "Pierenkemper GmbH", based in Wetzlar (Germany) and also part of the schwa-medico Group, has made us an expert in the following fields... - Pain Therapy - Muscle Stimulation - Ultrasound Therapy - Orthopaedics an Rehabilitation - Acupuncture- Biofeedback - Competence, Responsibility, Vision – our employees make the success. The long experience and steadfast comittment of the schwa-medico workforce are a guarantee of a successful corporate future.