Featured Exhibitor's

Sahab is a Saudi national limited liability company. Where we work on developing integrated and secure electronic solutions for emergency and business services, attribution projects and on providing manpower for both the government and the private sectors as we manage all these services on behalf of our clients with a high level of professionalism in our drive toward helping enterprises to improve and develop their provided services.

We are deeply keen to bring creative and distinguished talents into our practical team to provide implementable unique ideas that enrich the quality of our provided services. Which hit its turn enables us to build national expertise and to localize the information technology to contribute to building a knowledge society that is able to keep abreast with
the accelerated pace of the digital era we live in nowadays.


Roomi is a whimsical immersive VR and AR world teaching kids about medical procedures, illnesses and conditions. Developed and animated to relatably educate younger patients, the world is designed to help reduce the stress and fear associated with going to the doctor or hospital. The first Roomi experience immerses kids into the story of how a cast is applied. A demo of the VR app and companion AR experience is available to review at Arab Health 2020.


Featured Startups

PappyJoe. is the World’s Largest & Leading Clinic Management Software with Full fledged Revenue Cycle Management Module and Electronic Insurance Submission covering all specialties in Healthcare in Asia & Mena.


  • Cloud based Clinic Management Software
  • Premise based Clinic Management Software (Offline Mode)
  • Mobile App based Clinic Management Software
  • Revenue Cycle Management Module (Electronic Insurance Claim)
  • Medical Coding


  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Appointment
  • EMR
  • SMS/E-mail Communication
  • E- Prescription
  • Attaching X-Rays and Photographs
  • Billing
  • Powerful Analytical Reports
  • E- Claim


Revosuite, a worldwide leader in Artificial Intelligence for Data & Analytics, delivers groundbreaking sales force effective solutions for pharma and medical device companies to drive growth and eliminates ineffectiveness while offering complete oversight over your business to.

REVO brings together four powerful and essential tools for today’s pharmaceutical organizations: Detailing, CRM, Performance & Analytics, and displays critical data at a glance in one refined and customizable dashboard. 


Atto CEMS from Doctor's Bazaar has established itself as the software of choice for hospital CMMS applications and clinical engineering workflows with installations in over 100+ hospitals India and over 20+ Hospitals and Clinics in UAE.

It is more than an Asset Management Software

Atto CEMS is digitizing clinical engineering workflows with features like asset management, incident management, maintenance management, spare parts store, depreciation tracking, out-gate pass management, asset utilization tracking and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) modules.

With a mobile-first approach, ATTO CEMS allows for a complete integration of data collection with process flows. This creates a steady funnel for data collection and analytics which helps drive decision making.


KONE-X Active Mat - Breakthrough for Better Balance: Active Mat uses Pressure Point Technology to re-energize and re-stimulate the feet, leading to enhanced full body connectivity. Featuring patented KONE-X technology: hundreds of tiny massaging nubs guaranteed to bring comfort and pain relief to your tired, achy feet. Recommended by podiatrists.

HighHealer - 5-in-1 Foot Care Trainer: World's First 10-Minute Solution For Plantar Fasciitis. HighHealer allows you to treat and exercise areas of the foot, ankle and calf not only in less time, but more effectively.

Five key areas which the HighHealer focuses on:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stretches the Plantar Fascia ligament
  • Strengthens the smaller muscles that stabilize your feet
  • Loosens calf tightness
  • Massages feet


ChestEye HealthyCXR automatically identifies X-rays with no abnormality and produces standardized healthy patient reports according to the medical institution reporting practices. In outpatient clinics - where at least a fifth of patients are given a clean bill of health, or on high volume employee / worker screening projects, the tool provides a significant boost to radiologist productivity.

ChestEye HealthyCXR performs a twofold X-ray analysis, checking against the 75 ChestEye supported findings, as well as comparing the image against a vast dataset of healthy patient X-rays.

The solution requires little radiologist involvement boosting performance and enabling specialists to focus on difficult patient cases.


  • No-finding chest X-ray images ruled out with high confidence
  • Focus on what matters for your patients
  • Boost reporting productivity
  • Significantly improve performance on large scale health screening projects


KroniKare is a global award winning Singaporean medtech company which has created the World's First patented AI-Based device using multispectral imaging and AI to revolutionize chronic wound assessment and management. What takes trained
nurses 30 minutes, KroniKare does in under 30 seconds, with added technology & portability that allows uninterrupted continuity of care for patients from acute hospitals to rehabilitation to home care, reducing complications, leading to faster recovery and cost savings.


2011 in the computer engineering Department of Baskent University “Urodynamics Training Kit” project was started as a Graduation Project. After a year working under the supervision of Computer Engineering’s and Medical School’s faculty members, the project was honored to be supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. With this opportunity, the young entrepreneur Utku Ulusahin founded the start-up Oruba Medical Technologies, and with the involvement of Ahmet Uludag Oruba, Medical Technologies is heading to achieve prominent successes. And they invented the OruFlow, world’s first self-operated uroflowmeter.