Featuring the Product Demo Zone

Introducing the Product Demo Zone

Don’t miss out on the Product Demo Zone located in Zabeel 7. We have selected the latest ‘Smart’’ Healthcare Technology that will be on display.

On display will be medical electronic devices that can clear menstrual pain, your healthcare concierge app which helps you connect to pharmacies and doctors, the first
smartphone electrocardiograph that allows you to send reports directly to your doctor wherever you are and glucose monitoring devices and many more…

Activinsights presenting...

The Activinsights Band is a low risk, cost effective diagnostic tool to assist healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian rhythm disorders.

GENEActiv  is a fully waterproof, raw data, tri-axial accelerometer which can be worn 24 hours a day – measuring activity, light and temperature continuously for up to one month.

Color Seven Korea presenting...

Color DNA -  WSF Women Stress Free - Treating Menstrual Pain just by 20 minutes a day!

Use this device for 5 days prior to the start of your menstruation cycle. The smooth muscles in the uterus tissue can be relaxed and treated. 




D - Heart presenting...

The first smart-phone based electrocardiograph which is pocket size, affordable, clinically reliable and tailored for the patient.

When he was sixteen, Niccolò was hit by a myocardial infarction. He decided to become a doctor and to transform his problem into an opportunity. Thanks to the help of his roommate, they created D-Heart, a smartphone electrocardiograph that combines the usability required by the patient and reliability of the ECG wanted by the doctor.

D-Heart streams via bluetooth the ECG tracing to the Smartphone.

You can share it with your trusted cardiologist or a tele-cardiology service for immediate report


Hi-Dow presenting...



Hidow Devices, provides you the ultimate solution!

Hidow is a market leader in TENS and EMS technology.

Our EMS and TENS units do more than interrupt the signal to relieve pain - they stimulate healthy muscles to improve and facilitate their performance. The EMS units available for use differ in their indications. Our units are multi-functional, offering both TENS and EMS qualities in one device.


Vivachek Laboratories presenting...

VivaChek Laboratories,inc.is a dynamic, professional and vibrant POCT (point of care test) solutions provider. We develop, manufacture and distribute high quality glucose meters, test strips , POCT analysers and other relative products worldwide.

VivaChek INO: HCT 20-70% / 5s  /No coding

VivaChek FAD Smart: Bluetooth 4.1 / GDH-FAD / 0.5 ¦ÌL

VivaDiag POCT analyzer: Touchscreen / Barcode reader / Reliable

VivaChek ECO: Easy-to-use /8 electrodes / 5s test time

More Information at the Booth at Zabeel Hall 6 - Z6 D18

Rumidimur presenting...



New Technology to display various information without power consumption: Smarter, Greener & more Cost Effective! Updates are automatically transmitted to displays from the Hospital Information System.

Possibility of frame branding and wide range of available sizes allow to use E-TAG in a variety of situations:

  • Patient charts on bed
  • Patient boards
  • Notice boards
  • Name badges for the staff
  • and so on.

RecoveRay laser therapy devices 

RecvoeRay Medical – is a compact powerfull laser device for performing high effective, painless, non-invasive, safe therapy procedures.

RecoveRay is the line of the laser therapy devices based on the best combination of biostimulating types of electromagnetic influences.

  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT, 905 nm )
  • Infrared LED light Therapy (875 nm)
  • LED Red Light Therapy (640 nm)
  • LED Blue Light Therapy (470 nm)
  • Static Magnetic Field Therapy (35 mT)
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

The parameters of each of these therapies are carefully selected to achieve the maximum therapy effect for different sphere of appliance:

  • Medical Therapy Devices
  • Beauty Therapy Devices
  • Veterinary Therapy Devices

Telehealth Technology: Remote ECG Monitoring

Teleport ECG is a wearable online ECG monitoring system. Unlike existing ECG systems, wireless and compact device can send real-time data of the patient’s cardiovascular system to a doctor. It will allow the doctor to give medical advice or adjust the treatment regardless of where the patient is located.

Teleport Ecg recorders support applications for Remote online ECG monitoring, Holter and Event ECG monitoring, Rest ECG, Stress ECG.

More Information at the Booth Z6.C19

Cyber Health presenting....

Patient HEALTH File and CLINIC Management

  • Appointments system (SMS system)
  • Electronic Medical File
  • Medical History and ICD10
  • Expenses and Income management
  • Statistics and reports
  • Patient Portal

Pediatric(growth chart / vaccination)
Plastic Surgery (image process)
Psychiatric (file analysis)
Gynecology (problem list)
Obstetric (pregnancy evolution)
National  Registry (chronic diseases)
Nutrition (body analyzer, menu planning)
Renal transplant (patient medical file)
Dentistry (dental chart)
More Information at the Booth Z6-D29A

Okadoc presenting...

Okadoc is a 'made in Dubai' tech company that aims to improve your healthcare experience. Wherever they are, patients can use Okadoc's app to find in-network doctors, instantly book appointments online, receive reminders for upcoming appointments and more.

Okadoc's app is also a 24/7 intelligent medical calendar system that helps practitioners, clinics and hospitals optimize their bookings, attract and engage new patients, build and strengthen their online reputation, reduce 'no-shows' and more.

Okadoc's online marketplace delivers the efficient, seamless, and simple experience that everyone expects and deserves.

More Information at the Booth Zabeel 6, D22

Citizen presenting...

CITIZEN's Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Our lightest and slimmest wrist monitor is perfect for users with busy and active lifestyle. Just like wearing a regular watch, they can bring along the device anytime, anywhere. This device is equipped with body movement and irregular heartbeat indicators, and can store up to 90 memories.

CITIZEN's Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

One touch button operation, with the biggest 4-inch LCD for better visualization, a memory recall of up to 90 values with time and date, hypertension indicator based on WHO 6-Standard Segment for dependable readings, and heart irregularities and sensitivity to movement are also very important features to ensure accurate data is given simultaneously.

CITIZEN's Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer

A device not only to measure one’s body temperature, it signals Red or Green in 1-3 seconds to immediately attend to a person’s condition with abnormal temperature reading and take the necessary precautions for treatment. The whole unit is antibacterial which means that it does not require a probe cover and has 12-memory storage.

L'DOCILE's Facial Sauna

For deep cleansing and moisture, this easy to use face steamer is your perfect spa buddy at home. Inclusive of a measuring cup and mask for local treatment around your nose.

L'DOCILE's Microwavable Plush Toy

This cozy animal toy has warm-up and cooling effect that provides relief from muscle pain or cold to reduce discomfort. It can be put directly in the microwave or in the freezer or just the removable inner pack can be heated for better hygiene and safety. Plush animal is washable, while the inner pack contains kernels of corn that hold the calming lavender scent.

Ihealth presenting...

iHealth Lina (Smart Scale):

  • measure your weight and BMI
  • Enjoy a light and compact design
  • Check your evolutions on the connected app iHealth MyVitals (using Bluetooth) and keep motivated

iHealth Track (Smart Blood Pressure Monitor):

  • Follow the results of your blood pressure with and affordable product
  • Instantly see the classification of your results thanks to the changing color screen
  • Upload results on your app iHealth MyVitals using Bluetooth and share them with your healthcare professional

iHealth Clear (Smart Blood Pressure Monitor):

  • Track your blood pressure an a large high resolution screen
  • Easily set 2 users for an intuitive use and evolution tracking
  • iHealth Clear also indicates indoor and outdoor temperatures and syncs data via Wi-Fi on your iHealth MyVitals app

iHealth Air (Smart Pulse Oxymeter):

  • Check your oxygen saturation and pulse.
  • iHealth Air is useful for patients suffering from chronic diseases like asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) so that they can get a quicker idea of how serious their condition is.
  • Observe your measurement directly on the app iHealth MyVitals using Bluetooth and share your results.

iHealth Gluco (Smart Blood Glucose Monitor):

  • Track your blood sugar levels with or without your smartphone
  • With its light and elegant design, iHealth Gluco shows your results on a bright and clear display in only 5 seconds.
  • Sync your results on your iHealth Gluco-Smart app using Bluetooth and share them with your healthcare professional.

iHealth View (Smart Blood Pressure Monitor):

  • Check your blood pressure levels on a bright led display
  • The blood pressure is measured on the wrist and detects its optimal position thanks to a dedicated sensor.
  • Sync your results on your iHealth MyVitals app using Bluetooth, track your trends and share your data.

 More Information at the Booth Hall 3 - H3.C01

Beurer presenting...

Nebulizer IH 60

  1. Small, super-light (only approx. 200 grams) and ultra-quiet
  2. Compressed-air technology for treating the upper and lower airways, colds, asthma, respiratory diseases
  3. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery incl. mains adapter with micro USB cable

Blood pressure monitor BM 77

  1. Upper arm measurement with Bluetooth® technology for transfer of measured values to your smartphone
  2. Patented resting indicator for precise measurements
  3. Approved for use during pregnancy

Non-contact thermometer FT 100

  1. Measurement of body temperature, ambient temperature and surface temperature
  2. Infrared measurement in seconds incl. distance sensor
  3. LED coloured temperature interpretation

More Information at the booth Hall 4 -  B 10