Live in-person:

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre


4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

Leveraging the power of AI to fight diabetic eye disease


Aireen A.S.


 Monday, 30 January | 16:00

Intelligent Health Pavilion | P.G10




The presentation will be addressing the reality and challenges of global epidemy of diabetes, with focus on complications caused by diabetic eye disease and will discuss how related risks could be mitigated. While diabetes as such is threating up to 20% of populations, while the ME region being particularly impacted, there is a number of severe comorbidities representing additional burden to diabetic patients. One with a most catastrophic consequences to quality of life of patients is diabetic eye disease.

Our company Aireen has dedicated its efforts to fight diabetic eye disease by leveraging the power of AI.

Key learning objectives:

  • Diagnostic and screening issues related to Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)
  • The usual practice of screening for DR by ophthalmologists has significant limitations in capacity
  • By leveraging AI, it is possible to significantly scale up the screening capacity via diabetologists and even GPs
  • With earlier detection of the disease, the treatment options and cost implications are both significantly improved
  • AI technology supporting early diagnosis of DR have satisfying results in both sensitivity and specificity and is ready for everyday clinical practice

Company bio

COMEN Aireen DR is medical device SW based on artificial intelligence. It provides non-invasive, pain-less screening of chronic diseases by analysing digital images of the retina. The retina is the only place in the human body where blood vessels can be seen by the naked eye. Artificial intelligence is cutting-edge breakthrough technology which allows for the precise identification of changes to the retina. It does so using the unique neural network models which COMEN Aireen DR has created on the basis of over 1 million images which have been annotated in collaboration with leading retina specialists from prestigious eye clinics. COMEN Aireen DR has also been a registered medical device since 2020, launched onto the European Union market.



Matej Adam
International BDE
Aireen A.S.

Matej Adam leads global business efforts of Aireen. With over 23 years of healthcare experience, Matej has been always focused on bringing IT innovations into reality of healthcare and life sciences. Matej is working as a seasoned expert and consultant both government and commercial entities in the field of digital health. During his previous tenure in IBM, he was a Head of AI for Oncology portfolio in IBM Watson Health across Europe. He was also leading design and development of several national healthcare information exchange projects and consulted to regional and national governments on e-health and health IT strategies.