Live in-person:

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre


4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

Individualization of respiratory care by electrical impedance tomography and lateral body positioning




 Monday, 30 January | 12:30

Intelligent Health Pavilion | P.H12




  • Individualization of respiratory care by electrical impedance tomography and lateral body positioning
  • Lateral body positioning with bedside personalized PEEP to decreases lung collapse and overdistension
  • Live demonstration: Automatic Lateral Therapy as a key part of an individualized protective mechanical ventilation strategy

Company bio

LINET Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Želevčice near Slaný, Czech Republic. Since 2011, its business is being overseen by LINET Group SE in the Netherlands, a holding company founded by the owners of Linet Ltd. and WiBo GmbH. The successful marriage created the largest company in the business of hospital beds in Europe.

LINET Group’s yearly production reached 66,000 hospital beds with net revenues of EUR 146,7 million in the fiscal year 2013-2014. The Group has over 900 employees in two manufacturing locations – in Želevčice near Slaný, Czech Republic and Wickede, Germany. LINET Group’s products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide through a several branches in Europe and USA as well as a network of dealers. 

The LINET and WiBo brands concentrate on the two segments favoured by the original companies. LINET specializes in the production of hospital beds, while WiBo produces beds for residential and social care. This enables the Group to offer a diverse portfolio of more than 20 products from simple and affordable beds to advanced hi-tech beds for intensive care units.



Lenka Kockova MSc.
Senior Product Manager Smart Care

Lenka Kockova graduated with a Master of Science in Innovation Management from Aalborg University, Denmark. She is currently the Senior Product Manager Smart Care at LINET Group where she is responsible for the LINET Smartcare product portfolio, gathering market requirements, product development, supporting sales projects and overall communication with sales channel. Previously, she was a Senior Innovation Designer at Direct People where she specialized in innovation & product development projects within healthcare, helping companies discover new business opportunities, build and launch new products.

Mikulas Mlcek, M.D., Ph.D.
Experimental Physiology Lab Deputy-Director and the Head of Medical Simulation Centre at the First Faculty of Medicine
Charles University, Prague

Mikulas Micek graduated from Charles University and obtained a PhD at the Department of Physiology. His thesis topic was computational modeling of cardiac electrical field and excitation-contraction coupling. His scientific interest is on experimental physiology, mainly the interactions of cardiopulmonary systems. The major research models that he has been using over the past 10 years include acute respiratory distress (ARDS), extracorporeal membranous oxygenation (ECMO) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He has published over 35 papers in scientific journals.