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30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre


4 Jan - 2 Mar 2023

How VR technology changes surgery and medical education.


Holoeyes Inc.


Tuesday 25th January | 15:30

Transformation Zone | S2.D70

Product description

Holoeyes MD

Holoeyes is virtual reality software that dramatically enhances medical treatments, procedure planning and education by taking traditional two-dimensional imaging such as MRI and CT scans and using AI to build a personalized three-dimensional surgical environment.

Automatic conversion into a 3D image & generation of case-specific application: The uploaded CT data is automatically converted into a 3D image and a case specific VR/MR application is generated. You can then download the application onto your own device and it’s ready to use 15 minutes after uploading.


Company bio

Abdul Latif Jameel Health introduces: Holoeyes Inc.

Abdul Latif Jameel Health (through Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading Co., Japan (ALJGT)) has announced a new strategic collaboration with Holoeyes Inc. for the distribution of their innovative 3D virtual reality (VR) technology surgery support system and medical education software to a potential market of over 2.4 million physicians[1] across the selected Middle East and African countries. This new collaboration aims to contribute to the enhanced efficiency and safety of surgery, improving standards and the quality of medical education through advanced medical imaging technology.


Dr. Akram Bouchenaki
CEO Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Akram Bouchenaki is Chief Executive Officer of Abdul Latif Jameel Health, Abdul Latif Jameel’s health care business, focusing on accelerating access to modern medical care while addressing unmet medical needs in developing markets around the World. Abdul Latif Jameel Health is part of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of independent international, family-owned and diversified businesses, founded in 1945 by the late Abdul Latif Jameel.

Dr. Bouchenaki joins Abdul Latif Jameel Health after 25 years of operational and strategic roles in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including global leadership roles in ‘big-pharma’ corporates as well as in top California-based biotech, where he was an executive director for Africa covering the largest markets on the continent.

Akram has extensive knowledge and experience of both generics and branded medicines in established as well as key emerging markets across the world. These include Africa’s most significant markets, Brazil, and Mexico, having co-founded a fast-growing start-up to commercialize medicines in Latin America.

Akram holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Université de Paris V, France. He has lived and worked in 9 different countries across 5 continents. He speaks French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and English.

Co-Founder & CEO, Holoeyes Inc.

Mr. Naoji Taniguchi is CEO and Co-Founder of Holoeyes. He started his career as an engineer and developed various games and apps. He has strong experience in 3DCG, computer games, mashup web service, 3D avatar service, and social media development. At Holoeyes, he has received various Asia’s startup awards such as Orange Fab Asia and Docomo 5G open partner program. He has a vision to change or improve medical standard with 3D data and VR.

Co-founder & COO/CMO, Holoeyes Inc.

He was graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery in 1996. He established his current career through National Hospital Organisation Tokyo Medical Center and US California Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System Visiting Fellow. He has been energetically performing to medical diagnostic imaging, surgical support systems, research in the medical and engineering fields such as biological texture organ modelling with 3D printers, medical equipment development, medicine and engineering industry-university cooperation, medical business consulting, intellectual property strategy support, science education, the young human resource development. In 2014, he was chosen as an innovator who can continue to change the world by Apple Website. He is serving both visiting professor of Teikyo University School of Medicine Medical Information System Research Center and Special Research Associate Professor of Chiba University Frontier Biomedical Engineering Center. And also he held a number of presentation seminars and coaching in various fields, such as medical care, education and business. Mr.Sugimoto has done a speaker and a coach at various places of the TEDx event. Official TED Translator.

Dr. Mohanad Alansari
Founder & Dean, Consultant surgeon, Specialized in General, Minimal invasive GI surgery, Robotic Surgery.

Dr Mohanad obtained his medical degree from Al Mustansiryia Medical college Baghdad Iraq in 1997.

*2010, Visitor consultant General, Robotic surgeon in Dubai , Erbil , Baghdad

*2019, Founder, CEO of HBK Robotics , a private company in Dubai, UAE specialized in Robotic surgery and Telesurgery. He developed an advanced technology for space exploration missions, space tele medicine, tele surgery with the use of VR and Robots technology

*2018, Founder & Dean of the Robotics surgery Academy, Dubai UAE. He gave more than 12 training courses as an instructor in Robotic surgery

*2020, Founder, Director of Robotic surgery department He entered the Robotic surgery technology to Iraq , Baghdad. Through opening the Robotic surgery center, El Zaitoun specialized Hospital, Baghdad Iraq.