24 - 27 January 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre

5 January - 28 February

ReLink: an advanced breakaway connector for IV tubes




Monday 24th January | 15:30

Transformation Zone | S2.D70

Product description


IV therapy is the most common invasive treatment in the world received by 90% of in-hospital patients. However, IV catheters are prone to mechanical complications including phlebitis, infiltration, and accidental dislodgement resulting in catheter failure that happens at an alarming rate of 46%. This results in loss of blood and medication, interrupted therapy, patient injury, and increased personnel workload.

Our patented technology, ReLink targets the safety issues associated with catheter failure resulting from mechanical complications. Its breakaway connector approach protects the IV catheter from harmful pull forces thus significantly reducing the risk of mechanical complications, and its unique design minimises the adverse consequences.

ReLink keeps patients and nurses safe, supports accurate drug delivery and saves nursing time. ReLink has been received as a game changing device by the industry. ReLink is the enabling platform technology supporting a family of five products, each targeting a specific niche. Collectively, they provide for a wide portfolio of large scale, global and profitable markets for human and animal care, in hospital and homecare settings.

Company bio

ReLink: an advanced breakaway connector for IV tubes

Tada Medical is a medical device company, specialising in needs-based innovations for healthcare, founded in 2016 by a team from the EU funded Clinical Innovation Fellowship programme. We have persevered to stay focussed on our vision to improve lives by providing innovative solutions for unmet healthcare needs. We are a MedTech, R&D business and want to excel at discovering niche, scalable opportunities, and execution from product development to commercialisation to make a real impact to lives. Our eventual goal is to become an open innovation company working with partners and driving development of solutions targeting large and globally relevant healthcare issues.


Katarina Hedbeck
CEO and co-founder

Katarina is the CEO and co-founder of Tada Medical. She is an engineer with an MBA. She has previous work experience from product, organization and business development, personnel responsibility for 150 employees and responsible for budgets exceeding € 20 million as well as experience of international work from Europe and the USA.

Rebecca Bejhed
COO and co-founder

Rebecca is the co-founder and COO at Tada Medical. She holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Science, a Master of Medical Science and a Master of Science in Engineering. She has work experience within product development, quality assurance, risk analysis and GMP.