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Advanced ultrasonics and its effectiveness for the removal of proteins from surgical equipment


Alphasonics UCS Ltd


Tuesday 31st January | 16:00

Transformation Zone | P.L10




The use of fluid based ultrasonics for the removal of proteins from surgical equipment has been around for many years and it is fair to say that the results have been mixed. This is primarily due to the uneven distribution of sound with the equipment used. Alphasonics embarked on a project in 2013 to develop a technology that would consistently remove proteins to a very low level (under 1µg). The project is now complete and this presentation sets out to explain the technology with facts and data that will show the amazing efficacy that Medstar technology delivers, that without doubt has the potential to save many lives and suffering worldwide.

One of the many unique features of this technology is that it uses cold water. No heat is required to achieve residual protein levels consistently to under 1µ. The primary benefit of this is the great cost saving on energy. In addition, once the proteins are removed, all the bacteria is exposed and is much more readily removed by the enzomatic chemistry, again in cold water (log reduction of 5.5to 6.6). We call this ‘side effect’ disinfection, as it is achieved as a side effect of the primary function of the device. Most models also include a cycle specifically designed to clean robotic instruments. Our extensive research has shown that great results are obtained via our own cleaning protocol, which does not require any manual intervention.

Product description



MEDSTAR 3 is the culmination of 10 years R&D. The device cleans instruments or needle drivers on 3 levels and is complete with a self-clean mode, a validation mode plus several other features that are not found on other offerings. The system also operates with cold water, so it is not required to meet the requirements of ISO15883. Disinfection is achieved, but not claimed and the primary function of the device is to remove proteins, not to disinfect.

Company bio

Alphasonics have been designing and manufacturing advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1993, in our Liverpool head office and are now accredited to BS EN 1SO 13485. Our equipment comes with several patented technologies allowing us to ensure long life spans of all our systems, along with unrivalled performance. Our systems and range of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems have been engineered to tackle a wide range of contaminations including ink, grease, oils and much more, which enables us to provide a problem free cleaning process for Anilox Rolls, Surgical Instruments and many more. As a family run company, we have developed a worldwide reputation for innovation and technical excellence in the Ultrasonic Cleaning Industry. Alphasonics have developed a medical range with one thing in mind: protein removal from surgical equipment.



David Jones
Managing Director
Alphasonics UCS Ltd

Originally a design engineer by profession, David started Alphasonics in 1993. Since then, he has steered the company’s technological developments through solid engineering principles and practices and feels that it is this ‘feet on the ground’ approach that has been a major force behind the achievements that the company has made over the past 30 years. Medstar technology is David’s brainchild and it is through a painstaking scientific approach that several worldwide patents have been filed for this technology. David believes that there is still further development within Medstar and is striving to take the technology to its limit.