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Transformation platform - connecting the dots to deliver future's healthcare


Athir Care (Nexen Care)


Wednesday 1st February | 14:30

Transformation Zone | P.L10




In a disruptive era, healthcare service providers are adapting solutions to fulfill the needs of the healthcare sector for a localized, centralized, integrated, and secured solution, which will enforce the industry stakeholders’ thrive and leadership.

Current healthcare ecosystem: The cost of silos, integration limitations, decentralized records, and lack of compliance.

Transformation mindset: A holistic preventive approach, value-driven for both patient and physician centric approach.

A comprehensive platform:

  • A solution that is centralized, standardized, and localized for market needs
  • Unifying stakeholders through integrations
  • Adaptation to changes and growth

The future healthcare requires: Omnichannel Platform that communicates, educates, and interacts (digitally and physically) with service providers, consumers, patients, and members. The objective is to transform the existing health system from treatment-based reactionary care to prevention and well-being.

Product description


Athir Care

Athir Care is a comprehensive solution that provides Healthcare Information System (HIS), Revenue Cycle Management (CRM), Accounting Management, Inventory Management, and Business Intelligence (BI) to digitalize patients journey and enable physicians, healthcare organizations and stakeholders to work collaboratively through an innovative platform that is localized, centralized, standardized, and provides integrated digital experience to enhance healthcare service and transform the industry. Athir Care has been implemented at primary healthcare centers of Saudi Ministry of Health and at medium and small clinics in the private sector. It has been integrated with many systems such as Absher, Sehati, Seha Wasfati, and EHR Systems. Our aim is to bridge the gap between healthcare stakeholders by leveraging the power of disruptive technologies and cloud solutions. 

Company bio

Athir is a Saudi company specializing in the development of healthcare software. We create smart solutions that support digital transformation in the health sector. We offer a health platform that brings together service providers (health facilities) and service beneficiaries (patients) to enhance the efficiency and quality of health care as well as other outstanding systems. Athir offers a single digital platform that facilitates standardized medical and administrative processes, streamlined data exchange, integrated revenue cycle for medical insurance, Accounting and Inventories, with the presentation of the unified medical file so that it is an integrated system for medical facilities and beneficiary.



Eng. Jawad Chaudhry
Chief Executive Officer
Athir Care (Nexen Care)

Eng. Jawad Chaudhry is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with 17 years of experience in the field of business transformation and healthcare innovation at public and private organizations. He holds a BSc., ITC and Master of Business Administration degrees, and accredited with certifications of Digital Transformation, Project Management and ERP consultation.